How to check wordpress blogging speed

WordPress performance test

WordPress Blog Loading Speed, What is Blog / Website Loading Speed. In the last post, WordPress Blog SEO has been told in the previous post. When it comes to SEO, Loading Speed is placed at the first number. Loading Speed is not just WordPress but builds on any platform or website.

How to check website loading speed

Before knowing this, you should know about what you know what is Loading Speed. If yes, it is a good thing, if not, then read further. One thing and more about Loading Speed, so far, share what you know in the Comment Box with us.

What is loading speed

The user (you or we) can not remember many URLs. For this, resort to the search engine. Well, there are many search engines. However, most users use Google Search Engine. In this way, the Publisher (Website Owner) wants to see your website at Top in the SERP (Serch Engine Page Result). But have you ever wondered why the user came to your website? For a while, forget the Search Engine. There are many users who come directly to your website. What does the Website Owner (Publisher) do for them?

A user has many options. Writing is understood, which will explain the way to explain and the user will go to the same website. But if the information is Same. What will happen then? Do not know how much the blog is running on a single topic today. In this case, the user has the option. In this, Loading Speed of the website can only keep your website in the eye of the user. When the URL is clicked, then the webpage should be opened within The faster the website will be the faster load the user will like.

Why the blog load speed is low

Blog Speed stands for Webpage Load. Do you know what causes the loading speed to decrease? The result is satisfactory when you install WordPress Speed Check. But, when the website is ready according to you, the loading speed becomes very less. The website which was initially loaded in 5 to 10 seconds. But now it is taking longer than 30 seconds. Why can this happen something?

When WordPress is installed, there is only the default theme, plugin, and some data. But when the website is ready, it has many plugins. Doing the right to do the design - you can install many themes too. Some people are Slider in the Website, Image Image is very large in Thumbnail of some Blogs. That takes time to load. How can I check this out? How long does it take to get a website load?

How to check blog loads

There are several Blog Speed Test Tool which checks how much time it takes to get Website Load. Speed Vary can be done in different tools. Some of the tools listed below are listed below. Click here to enter a website URL and check how long your website is loading.

Check Page Load Speed from these websites and what's your blog's Load Speed in Comment? In the next post, we will get about how to fast website loading speed. In this post, with just one new information, they meet in a new post.


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