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How To Enable Search Description

Search Description: Hello Friend's In today's article, we will talk about how to enable Search Description at all the posts of Blogger Blog, so that we can write different descriptions for all articles.

When you start blogging, the first thing you need to know is SEO which lets you rank your blog on the Search Engine. And one of the Topics in SEO Topics is SEO Optimized Description because when you create a new blog on Blogger, you do not get any box to write Description on there Actually you have to enable it. So today we will learn about Enable Search Description.

As you all know, Description is very important for an article and we can also add Focus keywords to our description. Therefore it is important for you to write different descriptions for all posts too.

Because Blogger is a service provided by Google, so it is a bit good to blogging and it is very cheap, so most Bloggers start blogging on Blogger by creating Blog.

Now if you are also a New Blogger then it is very important to know how you can enable Search for all the posts in your blog so that you can write an Attractive Description for all your posts.

How To Enable Search Description step by step

To enable Search Description on Blogger Blog, you only have to follow a few steps and when you do this setting, then after all your posts, the Meta Description Box becomes enabled.

Step 01- Login

First, you have to log in to your Blogger Blog. For which you have to open Blogger's Official Website and enter your Login Id and Password by logging in.

Step 02- Settings

When you open Blogger's Dashboard, you get lots of options in the Left Sidebar, which has an option of "Settings" and click on it.

Step 03- Search Preference

Now under the settings section, you will find some new options where you have to click on the option of "Search Preference".

Step 04- Meta Tag

Now you will have a new page open where you will get an option of Meta Tag and there will be two options for "Yes" or "No" in front of it, then you have to tick on "Yes" option and now you have a small description box Where you have to write a short description about your blog.

After you type a Short Description, then you just click on the option of "Save Settings". Now you can go to the Post section and click on New Post, you will see that the option of "Search Description" is showing on your Blog Post Dashboard where you can write a description for your post.

In Conclusion:

In this way, you can enable Search Description for all your posts by just setting some settings. You must do these settings so that you can write SEO Optimized Description for all your latest posts.

We hope that after this information you will be able to easily enable Search Description on your Blogger Blog and if you have any further questions related to Blogger or Blogging, then please tell us in the Comment Box, we will try to send you your Problem You can tell the solution.

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