How to fasten the loading speed of WordPress blog

How to fast loading speed

WordPress Loading Speed Whenever it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Loading Speed is considered. In this way, should know this how to fast loading speed. Well, it is part of development. Take the time to work in the field you are good at. A blog is the work of Customization Developer. But in the early days, maybe not a budget, you can do it yourself.

Explain with a very easy example. Have you ever watched Youtube Video on 2G Speed? How does it feel when loading/buffering? It comes very angrily. But, whether we wait for that video or not depends on our requirement. If you want to watch the video then wait for it but if you want to watch it then wait for some time. If you do not play a video then click on any other link. This is exactly what happens with Blog / Website. How Important is Blog Content for User If it is very important, then the user also waits? But if not more important then click on any other link. Talk to Blog / Website, User has many options.

There are many blogs on the same topic. In such a way that the website is the first load, the user likes to browse the same website.

Why the page loading speed should be fast :

To get to the top of Google SERP, you have to follow more than 200 Ranking Factor. Loading Speed is a very important SEO Factor. For this, Launched the Site Speed Test Tool in Google. Where you can Check Site Loading Speed. One of the key points of the Google Speed Test Tool is that this solution also gives what changes should be done in Blog / Website so that Fast Load is done.

Talking about the user, fast loading site user likes more. What is the content on the website, it will be known after reading but when the user does not come to the website, how will he know how the content is? That's why Site Fast Load for New User.

How to WordPress Blog Load Speed :

Some research has been done on Blog Speed. Which found that 47% of Internet users prefer Sites that load less than 2 Seconds. While 40% of users ignore sites that load more than 4 sec in Time. So, if the website's loading time is less than 3 seconds then it is good. If you want to reduce your blog by reducing the loading time of your blog, then read and follow the tips below. There are some steps that can be increased by using Blog Speed.

1. Hosting

Some people have confusion before removing that confusion. A blog is built on many platforms. Which has the most popular WordPress? There are two services in WordPress too. and Both mean different. is self-hosted WordPress. While is a service of Automattic, If your budget is allowed, self-hosted Wordpress can be used. Have to Purchase the Hosting in Always buy web hosting from a company that offers Best customer support and service. In the beginning, you may have any attention towards any hosting. However, hosting is tested only when traffic increases.

2. Plugins & Widgets

Plugin and Widget have been developed to make design and development work easier in WordPress, and this is why WordPress's Market Demand is very much. Using Plugins, Development Related Many Problems Solve. But sometimes customization makes use of a few more plugins. On one side, Plugin makes WordPress Development easy, on the other hand, Site Heavy makes it. Here's the meaning of Heavy Web page. It takes time to get Page Open. This means use minimal plugins and widgets to speed up Site Load Speed.

Now if the blog is on or blogger then here plugin does not have to do manual work for Design and Development. In this case, Summary is that if Site Load Speed Fast, then use Plugin and Widget Less or Use Plugin Manually in the Theme.

3. Image Optimization

Image Optimization This is very important. You can use a plugin for this but, as mentioned above, use the Minimum Plugin or manually install it in the theme. There is a lot of increase in TinyPNG Plugin Image Optimization. But, they can also be used without installation. Before uploading an image, minimize its size from

4. Advertisement

Using more advertisements in Blog is also not right for Loading. There is a main earning source advertisement of any informative website/blog. If the horse will friendship with the grass, will you eat? This means that advertisements have to be applied, but better than 10 Low CPC Ad, that's a high CPC ad. Google Adsense is the blogger's favorite monetization network. It gives two types of advertising. Synchronous and Asynchronous. A few days ago, Google Adsense only gave Synchronous Ad but now Asynchronous Ad is also offering it. Sync Ad took time to load. But, Async Ad loads in a short time.

5. Use Cache Plugins

Must use caching plugins for Fast Loading Blog. When a user opens the website, the data is sent to the hosting server. Sometimes this process takes a little more time, due to this, the blog gets slow and visitors stop before your site is open. If you do not want to miss the blog Traffic then install in the cache plugins blog.

Conclusion Blog Speed Fast Load Tips :

Some bloggers remain annoyed due to traffic. When and how will the traffic come? But the traffic that is just not working on it. Traffic is on a blog but do you know why they shut it down before visiting the site? It's the first and the biggest reason is Site Loading Speed. Check Blog Load Speed for this and use the above method to Website Optimize. If there is any question related to this post then you can ask in the Comment Box.

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