10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid FREE Web Hosting Providers

Why Free Web Hosting is Not the Best Option

No Free Webhosting: Hello Friends In today's article, we are going to tell you about 10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Webhosting So let us start.

Friends, as you all know, WordPress is the Best Option to Create a Professional Looking Website or Blog, because by using it you can give your blog a very good look and easily create a Responsive Blog.

But when you think of building on WordPress, you have to purchase hosting too, because you can not store your blog without web-hosting. In this way, many Beginners think that why Free Webhosting is taken and your blog is created.

But they do not know about Free Webhosting and they make their own blog, which makes them fall in Future. So if you are thinking of building your blog on Free Webhosting, then please read our full course at Article why Not use Free Webhosting because here you are talking about 10 reasons why you Should Avoid FREE Web Hosting.

Now let's talk about 10 reasons you should know first-

01. Website Loading Speed

First of all, we talk about the loading of the website because Google and other search engines rank only those websites which load quickly so that the user can get a quick result, but if you take Free Webhosting your website is very slow Load is due to the fact that thousands of websites are installed on the same server.

The normal thing is that if millions of people on one server host their website, they will become Server Slow, due to which your website will open very slowly and will never rank on Google. Along with this, if you bring Traffic to your website even from Social Media, your users will still have problems opening the website and they will also not like to visit your website.

02. Uptime

Uptime is that when the server goes to sleep, i.e. your website is closed when you get paid, then it is clear that Uptime will get you 99.9% which means your website is closed only There are 1% Chances but it is not soon Free Webhosting that they never stop your website.

03. Customer Support

The biggest problem for any beginner is "problem" because when you use something for the first time you have to face many types of Problems, in this case, you need help, but in Free Webhosting, Do not get customer support.

If you are having any problems then no one can help you. If you take paid Webhosting then you get 24 * 7 Hours Customer Support, from which you can understand the problem and solve it.

04. Domain Names

Most Free Webhosting Sites also gives you the domain when you give them hosting so that the address of your website is completely useless and does not rank your website fast.

Because in your domain it adds the address of your website, which makes your domain taller and according to SEO, the smaller your address of a website, the better it is for you.

05. Advertisments

On many Free Webhosting Sites, when you create your Blog / Website, they have their Advertisement Show on your website, which means you will work hard and earn money. Along with that, some of your websites get them due to Space Advertisement.

06. Content Backup

Now suppose you create your own blog by using Free Webhosting and now you feel that you have learned all things and you should create a website from Paid Hosting and Domain, but you also want to have your website data Take a backup and install it so that you do not have to work again.

But after taking Free Webhosting, you can not take a backup of your content and you will have to start again from Start, which is the biggest disadvantage of taking Free Webhosting.

07. Limited Tools

On receiving Free Webhosting you get limited tools, like you can not create more than one website, cannot apply SSL certificate, cannot get an email address. There are many things like this that you do not get for free Webhosting.

08. Data Security

When you create a website, you will never want to have a Data Leak to upload to your website, and a third person has ranked it on Google by creating another website from your content.

Yes, there is no hope that your data will remain Secure after taking Free Webhosting and anytime your website has Data Leak.

09. Limited Time Period

The things found in free are for a limited time period. After this, if you have done so much compromise, then you will only be asked if you ask for money after your Host and Time on Blog Free Webhosting.

Because when you register on Free Webhosting, the hosting you get is for maximum 1 year. In which you can not even take a backup of your content/data.

10. Ranking

Now let's talk about website Ranking when you take Free Webhosting, you will create a website that never opens and closes at any time when another opens, then Slow can never be ranked by Rank. The third largest Fault Your Domain, which is so long that makes Permalink completely degraded.

Because of all this, the ranking of your website is very bad and your blog is never going to rank.

In Conclusion of No Free Webhosting

After reading the points given above, you may have understood why No Free Webhosting said why and why you should say No Free Webhosting. So if you agree with the above given above, then definitely share this article with your friends who are just beginner and about creating a website with Free Webhosting.

Hopefully, the above information will be useful to you and you will not be able to take Free Webhosting. Now if you have any confusion on this topic, then please tell us in the Comment Box Thank you.


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