What is backlinks and why it is important for SEO

What is Backlinks?

What is Backlinks: Hello Friends in today's article we talk about What is backlinks and why it is important for SEO.

When a Webpage is connected to another page via a link, then it is called Backlink. You can also say this in another way when you create a link to connect a website to another website, then it is called Backlink. What is Backlinks?

To create Backlink, you can use Link to one of the posts or use your Domain Name. "What is backlinks".

For Example: When you create a blog, then share that blog on Social Media Sites so that when someone clicks on your shared post on Social Media, then it gets redirected to your blog. This is because you had shared the link of your blog post on Social Media Site.

Because of which anyone can access your blog by clicking on that link.

There are 8 types of Backlink: -

Internal Link

When the Blog Post is created to link the Blog Post to another blog post, it is called Internal Link. Because both of those blog posts are written under the same domain name and do not work to carry it to any other website.

You can also say this like that when Link Create is done to take the Audience to another page on one of its own pages, it is called Internal Link.

External Link

When Link is created to connect a blog to another blog then it is called External Link.

You can also say this in a way that when you visit a website and click on the link given on that website, you are redirected to another website, then it is called External Link.

Link Juice

When two blogs that have been created on the same topic, they are linked to the link and they are Do Follow Link, then they link the linked website to Juice which is called Link Juice in Blogging.

Let's say you create a blog that is about Android Cellphones and we also have a blog on the same topic that we add to your website through Link, then our Blog Juice Provides your Blog.

In the simplest language you can also say that when the blogs created on the Same Topic are connected with each other, the value of that link is more than what we call Link Juice.

Anchor Text

When Link is created above the Targeted Word, it is called Anchor Text Link.

For example: You write an article related to a blog on your blog that contains a lot of words inside the article. Now in those words, you write a Blogger Word and then link the Blogger Website to that particular word. That is called Word Anchor Text.

Low-Quality Links

When you create your link on a website that is not related to your topic, then the link does not provide you with any type of juice, so that link is called Low-Quality Link.

High-Quality Links

When two blogs are on Same Topics and they have been connected with each other through Do Follow Backlink, they will be called High-Quality Link because they are providing Juice Provide to each other.

No Follow Link

When two links are connected through the link, but in the link, add the nofollow word, then it becomes a No Follow Link. Which means that the link is redirecting you to another page but it is not providing any kind of Juice, because of that it is called No Follow Link.

Do Follow Link

When two blogs are connected through Link and do not add the Nofollow word to that link, it becomes a Do Follow Link so that it provides Juice Provide to the Linked Blog.

Different Benefits of Creating Backlink are: -

01-High Page Rank

Creating High-Quality Links is the Page Rank Improve of Your Blog, and your Blog Search Engine shows inside the first page. Simultaneously, Creating High-Quality Backlinks also increases your Blog Domain Authority.

To bring Blog to High Rank, you have to create both Do Follow Link and No Follow Link so that both Traffic and Domain Authority get increased in your blog.

02-Referral Traffic

When you add your link to any website to create Backlinks, the traffic coming to that website is also redirected to your blog which starts to cause Traffic Increase on your blog.

Backlinks are the most important to make website popular and to increase traffic on the website, so think about building backlinks right from the right websites.

03- Increase Alexa Ranking

When there are Quality SEO Backlinks on your blog, you get Juice to your domain from the websites that you create your Backlinks, and your blog's Alexa Ranking Improve.

04- Successful Blog

When you have the right backlinks on your blog and your blog has the right traffic, then your blog becomes a successful blog, so you can also earn good earnings.

In Conclusion

To make any Blog a Successful Blog Quality SEO Backlinks was very important. Along with this, if you create Backlinks from the wrong website, then your blog may also be damaged by that backlink. What is Backlinks?

So you can create backlinks only from the right place so that you can benefit. If you have any questions related to this topic then you can ask us in the Comment Box.


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