What is SEO? What is ON-PAGE SEO? Traffic enhancement tips

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It is possible to find out more about SEO in the Hindi language, which is why search engine optimization has come true. SEO is a search engine optimization that is used by our website to search engine optimization. It is important for SEO users to join the activities that affect your website's Google Web site.

Why we need SEO - I have a very limited online business experience. Today everything is possible on the internet. If you want to do business online, please visit our website. It does not matter what the website is like when you do not have a web site that does not rank your website, it's not a visitor's website and you do not have any business right. To get your website ranked high on Google, you have to change your SEO status.

The process of SEO - Basically 2 types of SEO



In this post we know about ON-PAGE SEO


ON page is a great topic for me. ON Page means that your website has Google's rules. On Page SEO is the only way to edit your website, which has been used by Google to easily read and use the user's website. Now I explain what we do in this, ON-PAGE SEO.


1. Website Speed -

1. If you have a website that is speed 1-5 seconds for the website that is fast.
2. If you have a website that speed 5-10 seconds you have an average website, you need to improve
3. If you have a website that speeds 10 or more seconds you have a poor website, you can improve it immediately.

when the speed is slow-If it is the website that is going to be too heavy, and it has a javascript code that has the ability to slow down the website's speed, then the image has to be slowed and the javascript code is loaded in a few minutes. To do this, please copy the images and use the JavaScript link.

2. Title Tag-

To rank any website, the title tag is played important role .your title will be more optimized, the more benefit you get.

How to make Title tag

The meta title has no length to include 70 characters. Please enter one of the keywords in the search box. All you have to do is remember that you have to replace the title bar in the same keyword because Google's spam is spam.

3. Meta Description- Meta descriptions are used to describe Google's website, which subjects of your site.

How to make the description

Meta descriptions are limited to 160 characters so that you do not have Google Read Only. Description: You can use the keyword in the description.

4. Keyword Density- The keyword density is a good factor. The keyword is the thickness of the keyword that is used to describe the keyword bar again. Keyword density only 5% is the only reason why it is harmful to your website.

5. Hidden Content - Website does not contain any hidden content. You have to hide the content of the page on the web page, but you do not have to use it to hide it, but when it comes to any user site you do not want to hide the content.

6. Image alt tag- It is not possible to save the image of the Google image or not to read it. The image on Google Images shows you the image of the image. For example, if you are not able to send a picture of Sachin Tendulkar on your website, you will not be able to send an image to Google's Image tag or to tag Alt Tag me, Sachin Tendulkar, who has decided to make a decision on Google's recommendation.

7. Bold Important Keyword- Make sure you post your keyword post and type in the "Bold" tag. Bold means focus on the keyword, Google understands the focus of the keyword.

8. Website Structure - Make the website for user-friendly reasons. Bhut sare log has used my web site to use font size. If you want to know more about the smartphone and go to the mobile web site, open the font size at least 15px.

9. The responsive website-responsive website allows you to have a mobile phone or a desktop that has a high height and width device accordingly. I do not have any comments on my book for mobile readers. website responsive or you do not want to reapply your browser, please try again to see if you have any questions about your website.

10. Heading Sequence-HTML has some heading tags - H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Using the heading tag in the home, we have used in sequence.

11. Post Length- If you have any queries, please use the following link. You do not have enough time to update the length of your post.

12. Sitemap- Sitemap is a type of map that is used to Google, and Google's web site is ready for you. When Google search the website, we will search Google's crawler's Sitemap.xml file as well. If you want to crawler the file crawler, you can easily crawl the website, but the crawler does not want to go through all the pages of your website, because it is a problem that has been your website.


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