why google ranking dropped dramatically

Why Traffic Loss

Why website traffic loss? Often bloggers and websites keep crying for oners traffic. I am also a blogger and I want traffic too. Since a blogger is never in leisure, he always keeps on browsing blogs, content, and traffic. Always seek access to the blog to more and more people. If there is no traffic and comment on a blog, that means an artist is performing his art in a room where there is no one to hear or see. Bloggers are the only profession that wants to help their readers. If you also benefit from a blog and want to help him, then definitely help him.

What is traffic loss :

Do you know why traffic is low? If there are new bloggers, no matter how you are blogging for a few months or years, then share their experiences. Because what I'm going to tell here is my experience. Your experience may be something else. Blogging is also an experience. Why traffic is low before you know what is traffic loss? Be sure to comment.

Sine Curve is formed in all businesses. At a time when business is at the peak and seeing the graph goes down and down. After a few days again this graph grows again. The graph of this decreasing trend continues. Anyway, when the doctor checks the pulse, his graph keeps downward even if the graph comes in a straight line, then the doctor should I am sorry! He is no More Have to say. That's exactly what happens in the business, fluctuations, and the drop in the blogging world means when traffic comes down to traffic, the traffic goes down. Hopefully, it is understandable that traffic loss will happen. Traffic loss means more or fewer readers have no effect. But when traffic is constantly low, the blogger gets bothered.

Why traffic loss :

Why traffic loss? In this regard, all their own experiences share. Why traffic decreased? The search engine can only tell about it. But the search engine does not say anything. Whatever is being shared here is our experience. If ever there has been such a thing like you could have been less traffic this month than last month, what can you think?

Search engine update :

The Search Engine keeps continuing to change itself to make the user experience better. Even when there is a change in the search engine at any time, the traffic goes down. When Google updated Panda, many websites had traffic ZERO too. If you leave work on the blog, then traffic is not ZERO the next day. But if a blog is posted daily on a blog, the traffic continues to grow.

Regular post publish :

There is also a reason why Regular Post is not published. Regularly means 10 posts per day. Regular Post means you should have a schedule. How to Publish Posts Daily, Weekly or Monthly Regular Post Publish should be in whatever schedule is scheduled. If two posts are published every day on a blog, a good reader will get very soon. Some bloggers also say that the user un-subscribes from publishing more posts. To some extent, this can be true. But whenever the regular 2 posts on HelpMeShout were updated every time, the result was good.

Less Traffic Niche :

Many times people get a comment have posted many posts till now but the view is not available. Some Niche is such that whose searches are very low. If you work in such a Niche, then you will get less traffic due to SEO, because the people who read this are less. That's why before starting the blog, always choose the right topic. There is some such niche whose search is very low but CPC is very good.

Readers comments :

Before publishing the blog post, the readers must say for a comment. How to speak to the reader, maybe this might be your question. While writing a post, please type in the paragraph below: "If you have any questions related to this post, then definitely type in the comment." By writing this, the reader is reminded that he can also comment. If there is no comment on a blog post, then the enthusiasm of the blogger is broken. The article you are reading means that you are a blogger. Whenever you read any other blogger's post, you must give your feedback on his post.

Social Media Presence :

There are many bloggers who constantly publish the post but do not make any updates on social media. This is absolutely wrong. Social signals are also a ranking factor for search engines. If the social signals are good then the traffic is good. Well, I am also on this list. Very few blog posts of HelpMeShout are shared on social media.

Copy Paste :

The enemy of blogging, yes, Copy Paste is an enemy of blogging. It is a good thing to be inspired by someone's post. But copying her hard copy is not less than a crime. Doing so can never be a good blog and blogger. Blogging means sharing your experience and information with others. When someone else shares the same information on their blog, then how will someone give time to your blog? The reader is very sensible. She follows many blogs and if she knows that it is a copy paste it can think what she will do. Blogging is not a Facebook page. Publish someone's status with #Copy and thousands of comments and comments will be received.

Clunky URL :

Clunky URL is an enemy of SEO. Do you know what the Clunky URL is? If you knew about it or did not know about it yet, then tell in the comments. The Clunky URL does not contain any keywords. It happens in a very strange way. Below see her example. URL should always be SEO Friendly and Clunky URL does not have SEO Friendly.

WordPress Theam and Plugins update :

WordPress is the best platform for blogging and WordPress constantly updates its framework to give users maximum flexibility. WordPress Theme and WordPress Plugin are used to create blogs in WordPress. There are always some updates on it. That's why it should always do the updated version of WordPress framework, theme, and plugin. It is also important for WordPress security.

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