How to add bank details to a Google Adsense account

How to add bank details to a Google Adsense: Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to tell you how to add your How to set up bank details to a Google Adsense account.

Bank Details in Google Adsense Account

Friends, as you all know, Google Adsense is used today by almost all the Blogger and YouTuber Online to earn money but till then you do not get it, everything is useless. Which is most important for you to add your Bank Details to a Google Adsense Account.

After doing this, when your Google Adsense Account will become $ 100 or more, your payment will be sent to your Bank Account. So if you are earning money by monetizing your blog or YouTube channel through Google Adsense then you should first do your Pin Verification, after which you will be able to add your Google Adsense Account Par Bank Details.

Bank details requirements in Google Adsense Account

Bank Account Number

You must first have a Bank Account Number in which you want to ask for your payment. You can give this Bank Account Number to any Indian Bank like SBI, Union Bank, UCO Bank HDFC etc.


IFSC Code is the code of your bank's branch, which is given on your bank passbook. Now if the IFSC Code has not been given or deleted on your Bank Passbook, then now you can know the bank's IFSC Code in three ways-

01. Contact to your Bank: The first step is to go direct your bank and you can ask them for IFSC Code.

02. Help Line Number: All banks are printed on their Help Line Number Bank Passbook so that you can get help from them through Phone Call, you can also call your Bank Branch by calling IFSC Code on that Help Line Number.

03. Online: You can visit the "" website and select your State, District, Bank and Bank Area. You will get your Bank's IFSC Code.

Swift code

Swift Code is also called BIC Code. It is used for Code International Payment / Money Transfer. Now, this code is not provided on your Bank Passbook, for this, you can ask Swift Code by visiting Customer Care or your Bank Branch.

For which you have to tell them that you have some money that is in $ and you want to apply it to your bank account for which you need Swift Code and will give you a swift code.

But if your Bank Branch does not have Swift Code or you can not get it then you can also use Swift Code of your bank's Main Branch.

To get an online swift code, go to and swift code which is given in the menu bar, click here. First of all, if you want to select your country then India comes to Asia, then you have to choose Asia. And now a new page will open on your screen.

Now in this page, you have to select Related Information from your Banks such as Bank Name (Name of your Bank), State Name (in which State your bank is), City Name (Your Bank is in City) and your Bank and The branches which have been given simultaneously.

Note: If your branch has not given your bank with the name of your bank branch, then you can select the main branch and you will get its swift code. In this way, you can also remove your Bank Swift Code online.

Fill Bank Details in Google Adsense Account

Now we will learn how to fill up the bank details on Google Adsense-

Step 01. Login into Google Adsense Account

First, you go to Google Adsense and make your Adsense Account Login.

Step 02. Payment

Payment Option is given in the sidebar given in the left side of Adsense, along with the option of Settings and clicking on the Payment Option.

Step 03. Choose Payment Method

After clicking on payment option, like on the screen, a page will open like above, in this page you get an option of how you get paid and you get the option of Select Payment Method right below it.

Note: Now Google Adsense transfers money only to the bank account, so you do not need to select Bank Option.

Step 04. Add a Payment Method

Now a new page will open on your screen where you click on the option of Add a Payment Method. From which you can fill your bank details.

Step 05. Fill your Bank Information

Now you have to fill your bank details in the given boxes.

01. Beneficiary Id- In this box, you have to give your ID numbers like Aadhar Number or Pan Card Number, but if this feature is optional, you can leave it blank as well.

02. Name on Bank Account- In this box, you have to enter your name, keep in mind that you spell the name of your name which is written in your Bank Passbook.

03. Bank Name - In this box you have to enter the name of your bank. The bank in which you use your account, which means you have an account in which bank has the name of the bank.

For example: In our Bank Account SBI, we will write State Bank of India only here.

04. IFSC Code - IFSC Code is from your Bank Branch, which shows where your branch is now IFSC Code is given in your Bank Passbook. Enter your Bank's IFSC Code here.

05. Swift Code - Swift Code is essential for International Transaction. We have already talked about how to know, you can enter Swift Code of your Bank Branch or Main Branch here.

06. Account Number- Now you have to write your Bank Account Number in which you have to ask for your money.

07. Re-Type Account Number- In this box again, you have to enter the number of your bank account.

Note: All these things are very important, so before you click on the Save button, you should double-check all the things that no Number or Spelling is incorrect.

Inclusion of How to add bank details to a Google Adsense

In this way, you can easily add your bank details to a Google Adsense account and ask for your money in your bank account. It is expected that after reading this information, you will easily be able to make the right settings of your Adsense payment.

Now if you have any questions related to this topic then you can ask us in the Comment Box.

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