How to add a subscribe box in WordPress blog?

How to Add Email Subscriptions box to Your WordPress Blog

Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog: Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to tell you how to add email subscriptions box in your WordPress by using a plugin, so that you can easily increase subscribers to your blog.

Subscribe box in WordPress blog

Email marketing is of great importance in the blogging field because with this facility you can send your Subscribers through Notification Email of your Latest Post. So your readers get information from your latest post and they can read that post by visiting your website.

By doing so, you can easily increase Traffic on your latest post. The best option for Adding Email Subscription Box is FeedBurner but if you use WordPress you get lots of plugins.

By using which you can activate any service on your blog without any Coding or Technical Knowledge. Such as Email Subscribe Box, Social Media Widgets and more.

So today we will learn to add a WordPress plugin to our Subscribe to the WordPress Blog Par Subscribe.

How to add a subscribe box in WordPress step by step

Add a subscribe box in WordPress blog is very easy for you to install just one plugin and configure it so that the plugin works well on your website, add and configure the Email Subscribe Box You can follow the steps given below.

Step 01. WordPress Dashboard

First, you have to open your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 02. Plugins

After you open the WordPress Dashboard, first go to the Plugins section, which is given in the Left Hand Side Bar on WordPress. You can also see the image above for more information.

After going to Plugins section, you get the option of Add New, to install any New Plugin on WordPress you have to click on Add New's Button only.

Step 03. Email Subscribers & Newsletters

After clicking on the Add New button, a page like an image above becomes open on your screen. In this page, you are given a search box. You can search for any plugin in that search box.

Now because we need Email Subscription Plugin we will do "Email Subscribers" by doing Search. When you do this, you have some results in front of you.

You have to install the plugin that is showing up in the image. This plugin is absolutely free. Before installing the plugin, you must check that the plugin is designed by Icegram.

Step 04. Install & Activate the Plugin

To install the plugin, you get a button of Install Now directly in front of that plugin. You can click on that button on Install Now and this plugin starts getting installed on your WordPress.

When this plugin is installed, you get an option to Activate in the same place. Activate the plugin so that it adds to your WordPress Blog

In this way, you can easily Activate Email Subscribe Plugin on your WordPress Blog / Website.

How to Configure Subscribe Box in WordPress Blog

After installing Email Subscription Plugin, you now need to Configure your Plugin first so that it looks good to see the plugin as well as to follow the steps given below to configure WorkPlugin properly. -

Step 01. Subscribers

After installing and activating Email Subscribers Plugin, you get an option of Email Subscribers in the Left Sidebar of WordPress.

You first click on the option of Email Subscribers and now you have all the Features Show in this plugin. We tell you about these features one by one-

When you click on an option, you get the information of your subscribers, such as their name and their email address, when you install this plugin, two subscribers are already shown and you can delete them if you wish.

02. Templates

It has two designs that you can edit and send to your subscribers. But we will recommend that you delete these two posts because you have to send the notification of your latest post for which both posts are useless for you.

03. Post Notification

In this option, you do not have to make any changes, we will tell you for information that through this option you can select your categories whether or not you have to send a Notification on Post Update on that category.

04. Newsletters

You also do not have to make any changes on this option.

05. Settings

After going to this option, you get some other options in which you can make changes to your needs, such as-

Admin- After you go to this page, you can change the email address to be sent. Normally here you are given the email address that you have given in WordPress Settings.

Signup Conformation- This page gives you messages which will be shown when your readers subscribe to your website or unsubscribe, you can also change those messages.

06. Reports & Help

In these two options, you do not have to make any changes of any kind.

Thus you can set Email Subscribers Plugin according to your needs. Now you need to fix this email subscribe widget on your WordPress box for which we are going to tell you further.

How to add a subscribe box to the WordPress sidebar

When you install the Subscribe Plugin on your WordPress Dashboard and also configure it, then you need to add it to your WordPress Blog so that it can show up on your blog.

It's better to have Email Subscribe Box in Sidebar or Footer so you can just add your Email Subscribe Box to any one of these two places. Now how we do this, we are telling you the Step by step below.

Step 01. Login into your WordPress Dashboard

Adding Plugin / Widget to the website requires that you log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 02. Appearance

To adjust the Menu or Widget on the WordPress Blog, you have to go to the Appearance option. Appearance Option left Hand Side of WordPress Dashboard Clicking on the option of Appearance gives you a list right where you get an option of Widget.

You first click on the option of the widget and a new page opens on your screen.

Step 03. Drag your Widget

In this page, you get some Widgets in the Left Hand Side which you can drag on your Sidebar or Footer.

To drag the widget, click on the left mouse button from the left mouse button and hold it on and then drag it to the Lift Sidebar or Footer Menu, which adds the Email Subscribers Widget to your Sidebar.

Step 04. Write a Title and Description

Now you have to give the name of your email for the Subscribe Box. Like most people write things like Email Subscription, Subscribe, Get Notification etc. Similarly, you can also give a title for your widget.

Description: Description is a bit important to you because the things you write here are shown with your widget, as you can see on our website.

In which you can write words according to your IQ. We can tell you that you can use any Langauge in Hindi, Hinglish or English in the description.

In Conclusion

How to add a subscribe box in WordPress blog? is very easy and you can add many types of Subscribe Box to your Website such as Feedburner Subscribe Box, Popup Email Subscribe Box, etc. We will tell you about all these methods in the upcoming tutorials.

If you must read those posts and get our latest post on Notification Email, you can subscribe to our website so that you will be able to read our latest posts, now you have any questions related to this topic, then you can contact us at the Comment Box Thank you.

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