How to earn money using Infolinks 2019 || Infolinks review

How to make money using Infolinks in 2019

What is Infolinks: Hello Friend's In today's article we are about to talk about Infolinks, How Infolinks works, and how you can make money from it.

First of all, we know that What is Infolinks, I can tell you that Infolinks is an Advertisement Website or Company, which does the work related to Advertisement. There are two types of this work-

01. Publisher- A Publisher is a person who is an owner of a blog or website and has to monetize his blog, in such a way, he can create his account on Infolinks and put the Ad Unit on his blog.

02. Advertiser- An advertiser is a person who wants to promote his Business, Product or Website etc. through Infolinks.

In such a situation, the person has to create an account in the advertiser category on information and fill out the recruitment of his ads, so that Infolinks shows ads on Add Publishers' websites in his program, which shows ads according to that ad.

By becoming an advertiser you create an account from the purpose of promoting your business, so you have to pay Ads.

Thus Infolinks is an Advertiser Management Company, which provides the facility of advertising to you according to your needs.

How to earn money using Infolinks

To earn money from Infolinks, first of all, you must have a Blog or Website which should have a Traffic of at least 10,000 Per Month.

Secondly, you should have a Publisher Account of Infolinks so that you can create an Ad Unit on Infolinks and put it on your website.

Now whenever a visitor will visit your website by searching a keyword, then Infolinks will show that Visitor to the search by the Keyword of Ads, according to which the Visitor will click on those Ads, then you will get the money for that Ads Click. You can earn money by putting Ads of Infolinks on the website.

What Types of Ads Are Available on Infolinks?

Infolinks offers you a total of 5 types of ads-

01. In Article Ads

These types of ads are always shown in the middle of the article, which includes Video Ads and Native Ads, both are Interesting and Eye-Catching to show ads, so there are more Chances of Clicks on them.

02. In Fold Ads

These types of ads are shown on the bottom of your website, these ads are shown on your website when your website is fully loaded. In a way, it is similar to Adsense's Banner Ads.

But they do not take space and do not move up or down, that is, these ads become open to the bottom of your website, and if the reader has read your entire page, then the ad is still present. Will remain.

03. Inframe Ads

Inframe Ads works on the Templates of the Website that has some Extra Space in the Sidebar. These ads can also be considered as Adsense's Banner Side Ads because they look similar.

The best advantage of this ad is that in order to put this ad on your website you do not need to add an Ad Unit to the sidebar, Infolinks automatically shows this Add according to your theme.

And if you talk about the loss, it does not show on Ad Mobile and Tablet.

04. In Text Ads

This Ad is available on your website The Available article which reader is available, targets the existing key words and shows ads on those words. These types of ads are shown in your article like internal links.

When the reader takes Cursor on that link, then it shows Ad Show there, and when clicked, there is also the Available Ad itself open.

05. In Tag Ads

These ads are shown at the end of your article, which is just like tags that show most of the people as tags. That's why it is called In Tags Ads.

Can Infolinks Be Used With Adsense?

This question is the most common and important, because if you put Adsense ads on your blog or website, then it must be sure that the Advertisement Platform you want to use can work with Adsense or not.

Because if you add an advertisement network to your blog that does not work with Adsense then your Adsense Account may be disabled.

Now the answer is that you can use Infolinks with your Adsense account, there is no harm to your Adsense account.

For example- You can see a lot of news websites on the Internet, in which most Websites add Ads of Infolinks with Adsense.

Is Infolinks Better Than Google Adsense?

It can be called 50-50, because in some cases Infolinks is much better than Google Adsense, such as Ads, Infolinks Ads are much better than Ads by Google Adsense.

Because the ads of Infolinks do not go up or down on your website, you must have seen Adsense Ads, if you have seen it in the middle of the article, scroll up or go down to Scroll, but this does not happen at Infolinks.

The second important thing is that in Adsense, you have to create an According Ad Unit in your website so that it will show up properly on your website but it is not so with Infolinks that it shows the Ads of Your Blog by itself. is.

Now about the loss, Infolinks is not Transparent like Google Adsense, here you get full information about Daily Earning but you can not see how many Clicks you get, as you can see on Adsense.

In Conclusion of Infolinks

Infolinks is a better advertising platform, so if you have a News Blog or Review Blog then you can earn good money by placing Ads of Infolinks on your blog.

Now if you have any questions related to Infolinks, then you can ask us in the Comment Box and please press bell icon to get regular notification of our latest blog.

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