How to install Keyword Everywhere Extension and use

Keyword Everywhere Extension

Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to tell you about Keyword Everywhere Extension, how to download it, how to install it, and how you can use this extension to find better keywords.

Friends, we first know what is Keyword Everywhere Extension? As the extension name suggests, it is used to find this keyword that you can install in your Chrome browser and this extension shows you better keyword search.

Now here are three important questions - 01) Do we have to find Keywords like Adword on this extension and 02) How this Extension can show us a better keyword and 03) This Extension tells us which side of the keyword Does the information appear?

01- Do we have to search Keyword like Adword on this extension?

Answer- After installing the Keyword Everywhere Extension in your Chrome browser, you just have to search your keyword on Google, and this extension lets you analyze information about that Keyword by analyzing all things.

02- How can this extension show us a better keyword?

Answer- Let us tell you that the Algorithm of Keyword Everywhere Extension Different Keyword Analysis Tools has been made by studying. Because of this, he analyzes those tools and then gives you the Detail Information Show.

For example: Google Search, Google Keyword Planner, Ebay, Keyword Shitter, Google Analytics, YouTube, Ubersuggest, Majestic, Google Search Console, Bing Search, Answer the Public, Moz, Google Trend, Amazon, Soovle, and Etsy etc.

03- What extensions of the keyword do we see this extension?

Answer- The third and most important question that shows the Keyword Everywhere Extension, we tell you that this extension gives you information about that Keyword's Volume, CPC and Competition.

By which you can understand how much traffic you can get when writing an article on that keyword and how much benefit you can get.

Note: This helps you find both Extension Short Tail Keyword and Long Tail Keyword.

How to install Keyword Everywhere Extension

Now that we talk about how to install the Keyword Everywhere Extension in your Google Chrome browser, then first you do a search on Google "Keyword Everywhere" which lets you easily find the Official Website of Keyword Everywhere Extension and you can open it.

Once you open the website, like the image above, a website will open on your browser, where you get two options like "Install for Chrome" and "Install for Firefox", which gives you this extension on your Chrome Browser and Firefox Browser. Can use it.

First, click on Install for Chrome button, now you will open a page of the Chrome Extension where you have given the option of downloading this extension.

You can easily download Keyword Everywhere Extension by clicking on it. After Extension Download, Automatic also installs on your Chrome Browser.

But this will not work, because now you have to make this extension your according to Configure and also enter the API Key. For which you can follow the steps given below.

Step 01 - Email Me API Key

Once you install Keyword Everywhere, like on the screen above, a page is opened, where you have to enter your email address, after which you click on the Email Me API Key button and your API Key But send it on.

Step 02- Open your Email Address

Now you will open an email account. You will see that an email from Akash Munsukhani should have come to you, first of all, you have to open the email where you have to click on the "API Key Here" button.

This will open a new page in the new tab and you get your API key there. Firstly, select that API Key and copy it.

Step 03- Click on the Keyword Everywhere Extension

Now you open a new tab and click on the symbol of (K) being displayed in the Chrome browser and a list opens in front of you. In this list, you get an option of "Update Settings", you click on it and a new page will open on your screen.

Step 04 - API Key

In this open page you have to enter your API Key, which you have already copied, then paste that API Key into this box and click on Verify button.

Now your Keyword Everywhere Extension is verified, in this page, you can Tick or Un-Tick the option accordingly. We will suggest that you tick all those options so that the extension can show you Result according to all those features, and you can find the better keyword.

In Conclusion

Keywords are very important for any Blog Post, so you must install Keyword Everywhere Extension in your Google Chrome browser and after you do a Keyword Research, you can do keyword decide for your article so that you can get better traffic.

At the same time, if you have any problem in this topic or you have not understood anything properly, then please tell us in the Comment Box so that we can fix it and give you a better result. Thank you.

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