[Instant Approval] Best ad networks for small publishers

Today, we will talk about Ad Networks that have an Instant Approve.

In today's time, Ad Network industries have become a very glut of Advertising Networks. The more times you search in Google, you will find many new publishers easily.

For any publishers, Joining or Approval in an Advertising Network is dependent on many factors, how many applications come to that advertising publishers and whether you meet their Traffic Requirement or not.

Ads Network (Instant Approvals), which are easily approve:

Today we will talk about Ad Network, which easily approves any publisher.

Most Advertising Networks are Pop-Under Ads that offer Best CPI Ads for you after analyzing your website traffic so that your Earning is good.

Instant Approvals Ad Networks

Ad Networks that have an Instant Approve :

01) ExoClick:

ExoClick is one of the best and 4th Largest online advertising networks for small publishers. ExoClicks will get many options like Banners, Pop-ups, Pop-unders. To get started with ExoClick first, you do not need any Approval only need to Create Account and Start Ads.

02) Adhitz:

Adhitz is a CPC Based Ad Network that provides CPC Ad according to the country's specific traffic for your website. Its CPC range ranges from $ 0.04 to $ 0.14 per click.

Adhitz gives you the option of showing two types of ads Network-specific and site-specific, If you get more traffic from the US, Canada or UK, then its CPC rate will be different compared to Indian Traffic.

03) Edomz:

If you have Decent Indian traffic then you have Edomz. Edmoz is a type of pop-under and CPM adverting network.

For CPM ads Edmoz has to create a separate account. And its Pop-unders Ads are CPA-based, Edomz is a Reliable advertising network and the world's oldest advertiser.

04) Popads.net

Popads are also one of the best Pop-under advertising networks, it allows publishers of any size of ads to earn money from their website.

Popads.net is a performance-based network, monetize all the country's traffic and it also pays you on a daily basis, but when your earnings go to $ 5 at least. It instantly appropriates Publishers and gives you the option of Ad formats such as tabs, tab under, pop-ups, pop-under.

05) RevenueHits:

RevenueHits is a different type of Ad Network that does not give money for Clicks and Impressions to every publisher, but on Action that comes from Ads like If an Advertise launches your webtool or application, then it will be advertised with RevenueHits And whenever someone clicks or download the webtool or application, then you will get revenue. You can also get $ 10 to $ 50 in return for every action that happens. You do not need any kind of minimum traffic for this.

You can easily earn Fast Approval in any of the above Ad Networks, if you are Small Publishers, apart from these, you also have other Ad Networks like UberCPM, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Propellerads, Chitika, Viglinks and Skimlinks. We will talk about them in the next post.

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