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March 12, 2019

What is sitemap? How to create a sitemap for a blog (website)

What is sitemap? How to create a sitemap for a blog website

Friends Do you also want to know what is sitemap? And why sitemap is necessary for our blog or website and how you generate a sitemap for blog or website, this post can be very important for you as you can get all kinds of information about sitemap through this post. So that you can also generate a sitemap for your blog or website and you can also SEO for your blog. The first question in your mind is that what is sitemap? And another question is why it is necessary for a blog or website and how to make a third sitemap. For all these questions, please read this post carefully so that all your questions will be answered.

What is a Sitemap?

Friends sitemap is a list of our blog or website that tells any search engine how many pages and post are there on this website, if we say it in easy language, the sitemap is available on your website. There is a list of pages of type, which refers to the search engine's crawler i.e. its bots that have this type of content on the search engine bots that the crawler arrives at your website or blog, and all types of data on your website reads from which search engine is detected What data present in this website and when a user searches for that type of content, then it shows the data read from the same sitemap in the search engine user results and when our pages also come in the search results of that search engine. Then the user clicks on it and visits our website but for that, you have to submit your sitemap to the webmaster tools.

A sitemap is very important for any website or blog because without sitemap it can not get any organic traffic. A sitemap tells about our website or blog when our website is updated. And what has changed in it through which search engine crawler crawls our website and tells us about the available content on our website.

How do I see a Sitemap?

Friends If you have to see a sitemap of any website or blog then you have to search after the URL of that website after typing sitemap.xml after which you get all the information about the sitemap of that website as given below In the image you can see the sitemap of our blog.

How to create a Sitemap? (How To Generate Sitemap)

Friends, there are many ways of generating a sitemap, but the two most popular ones are going to tell about which blogger and WordPress are used to generate a sitemap.

How to Generate WordPress XML Sitemap

How to Generate WordPress XML Sitemap?

friends As we know that for wordpress website we do any work with any plugin very easily, just like this WordPress has a plugin whose name is Yoast SEO by which you can generate a sitemap for your website. To find sitemap generator tools on google, a lot of website list is also received through which we can generate a sitemap for your website.

How to Generate blogger XML Sitemap?

friends One thing I tell you is that sitemap is automatically generated in the blogger's website, if you want to follow the steps mentioned above, however, if you want me to generate your sitemap and submit it to your webmaster tools Then you can also use sitemap generator tools.

Friends, we hope you have got the information about how sitemap is created in blogger/WordPress (how it is generated), and even if there is any question or suggestion about it, you can comment that we are happy to help you.

March 07, 2019

How to create backlinks from high PR Sites like Wikipedia, Microsoft, YouTube

Hello friends, today through this article, I will tell you how to get backlinks from high PA (Page Authority) 80+ and DA (Domain Authority) 80+ site, which will increase the authority of your site and your blog is also listed popular blog.

Create backlinks from Wikipedia, Microsoft, YouTube ||
 Create backlinks from Wikipedia, Microsoft, YouTube

Earlier, I wrote an article on how to create Backlinks from Comment, which is preferred by the maximum number of people.

But there was a lot of people in the minds of the question that how to create backlinks from a site such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Microsoft etc.

So today I will tell you to step by step information about how to create backlinks from 3 Popular Sites. So let's start.

How to create backlinks from Wikipedia, Microsoft, and YouTube?


Note: Wikipedia does not provide a dofollow backlink. But this does not mean that taking a backlink from Wikipedia is not right.

As you all know, Wikipedia is a popular high authority site and Wikipedia has traffic in millions of locations.

If we make backlink on Wikipedia, we are starting to get traffic from Wikipedia. And Google also gives importance to that backlink.

You can also create a new account by clicking on this link.

When you fill in all the details and login, open any page of Wikipedia from where you need a backlink.

Then there is the option of the edit will appear, click on it and add some words on your side. But whatever you wrote should be right for others, do not write anything wrong.

3, 4 times you do the same, do not greed. Then click on the References that is written below and add a link to your site.

But take care of one thing that the topic on which the link is being created should also be the topic on your site or your link may also be removed.

When you do all this step, your link will be live on Wikipedia.


Now talking about Microsoft's domain authority it is DA96. This is a very big domain authority site. To create a free backlink from Microsoft you just have to follow the steps below and in just 2 to 3 minutes you will get a dofollow backlink.

To make a link on Microsoft, first, you go to this link =>

After that you will see the sign in there, click on it and login. If you do not have an account in Microsoft, then you click on the sign-up button to create a new account and then login.

  • When you login, click on My Profile.
  • Then click on edit profile to fill your details and link to your site.
  • The best advantage of this is that you will find your site link on anchor text.
  • When you fill in all the details, click the save button. Now you've got 1 dofollow backlink.


You also know all about YouTube Alexa Rank is 2. You can judge YouTube from its Alexa rank.

It is very easy to get a backlink from YouTube. And yes you'll also get links from Anchor text from YouTube.

You can link 5 anchor text to YouTube

  • To get the link first you go to
  • Then login with Gmail ID.
  • Click My channel.
  • Go to => About
  • Now link your site to the place of the link with a keyword.

As you have seen, making backlinks from YouTube is very easy and I am sure you will also follow these steps properly and you make high-quality backlink for your site.

If you have any questions related to backlink, then you can ask us your question via comment. We would be happy to answer all your questions.
March 05, 2019

how to decrease bounce rate in seo best ways | Helpmeshout

In the previous post, we know about Bounce Rate? It has been told. The Bounce Rate tells the Relation between Readers and Content. Lowering the Bounce Rate means that there is a very good relation with the reader's content. Meaning to Readers like your content, Writing Style, Post Format. What is the Bounce Rate? If you know this then read ahead otherwise Click here to know what is Bounce Rate.

Why should the Bounce Rate be low?

  • All Blogger Wants - More Contents, More Readers, More Comments, More Back Links, More Traffic, More Subscribers, More Followers, and More Money
  • All this is possible only by SEO. Bounce Rate is also a part of SEO.
  • Bounce Rate Low stands for Reader Blog. i.e. A visitor opens many pages.
  • Understood Low Bounce Rate means More Page Views
  • More Page Views means More Comment
  • More Page Views means More Money
  • More Page Views means More Subscribers
  • Just how much profit was achieved by lowering the Bounce Rate.

When you know about the advantage of having a Bounce Rate, you will definitely want to know how Bounce Rate can be reduced. #Reduce_Bounce_Rate

How to lower the Bounce Rate?

Site Speed

This means the Particular Site is going to open in how much time. If it takes more time to open reduce it. If the site is open in a short time, then the Response will get good.

Site Design

Well, Design has no higher value but content should be written correctly. Like Font, Font Size, Image Placement, Background It should be Comfortable for all Readers. Check out your blog like this for a reader. Any user first sees Blog's Design. Make Blog Responsive Navigation auto Change of Blog according to Device Screen There is a lot of trouble with the user having Surf Website Surf. Try using less Color on Blog. By using more color, Reader does not feel comfortable. Try to keep the design of Blog good in every way.

Low-Quality Content

There is no such thing that the content of 3000 Word is very good. Content must always be Friendly for both User and Search Engine. Write the same post according to the title. Readers never manipulate. In this way, you will lose your credibility. It is very important to be named Credible to make a name in Blogging Journey. Copy Paste Content also comes in Low-Quality Content. Always write content that the user likes.

Copy Paste Content

Copy Paste is not content at all. Try not to get the same writing style as well. Do not know that Credibility Build may not happen. Always try to write Unique Content. Writing Unique Content also looks good with the Reader as well as Search Engine.

Blog Post Writing Format

Follow a Standard Writing Format or Create a Format of Yourself. This will also make you aware of the Writing Format in Readers. Always follow a Standard Format for Post Writing. Doing so, Readers get acquainted with your Writing Style. Frequently Writing Style Change, User is Confuse. Being a user confuse means you very well.

Bad or no interlinking

Use Inbound Link in Blog Post Describe it in the Next Post on the Unknown Word Use in Post and Link to the Unknown Word of the earlier post. Post in the middle of the linked post, similar to that of the post. By doing this, some readers also click on that link. You can also share some links that are interested. In Google Analytics, check which post is being most read, link between that post. Take care of the Interested Topic link.

Single Page Site

A blog does not have any other link in the post. In such a situation, the user will visit the next page, the probability is very high. In such a way, share the link of Interested / Evergreen Post inside Page / Post.


I hope you understand this post What is Bounce Rate and how to reduce it? If there is any question related to this post, then you can ask in the comment.
March 03, 2019

What is the bounce rate and how to reduce it || HelpMeShout

What is Bounce Rate? To say when a user came to any page of the website and returned to the same page or even checked another page of the website. If you are a Website Owner or Blogger then you will definitely be familiar with some technical term (Alexa Rank, Site Speed, Traffic, Daily Page Views, Bounce Rate). All this is used by Term SEO Purpose. Every blogger wants this as a reader's blog every day. we will talk about What is Bounce Rate Information about Bounce Rate is required to be all Website Admin so that the website can use Traffic correctly.

Internet users daily do something searches on Google. In order of this search, Google SERP (Search Engine Page Result) suggests links to many websites. Open the link or website that looks correct and collects the user information. If an unknown word has been used in the article, then the Unknown Word is connected to a link, then the user also opens that link. Site Design, Blog Post Writing Format, Post Value If the user likes it then the user starts to visit the regular site.

What is Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is made up of two words. First Bounce, which means jump or bounce. Second Rate, which means Quantity or Frequency or Rate. Bounce Rate is the rate of bounce, it's absolutely right. Explain this term well.

"Visitors of a particular website that are back from any one page of the website."


"The percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page."

This is in Rate Percentage.

Example: The Bounce Rate of my Blog is 68% that means that 68% are the users who have open one page of Blog. With this, you can understand that the lower the Bounce Rate is a good thing. A bounce rate of 26 to 40% is considered ideal. If your blog's Bounce Rate is less than this then it's a great deal. But such blogs and websites are very few, whose Bounce Rate is less than 26%. Bounce Rate is the average rate of 41 to 70%. But more than that, there is a need to pay attention to this subject.

Standard Bounce Rate for Websites and Blog

  • Content website - 40 - 60%
  • Lead Generation Website - 30 - 50%
  • Retail Business Website - 20 - 40%
  • Service Provider Website - 10 - 30%
  • Landing Pages Website - 70 - 90%
  • Blogs - 70 - 98%

So far we have learned about Bounce Rate. Do you know how to check Bounce Rate? If so, tell your blog or website's Bounce Rate. If not, then learn how to get a Bounce Rate, then what is your website or blog?

How To Check Bounce Rate

There are many sites available on the Internet where Bounce Rate can be checked. But all of these Google Analytic and Alexa two are better. It is very necessary for a new blogger to know the Bounce Rate so that there is a better way to improve the Bounce Rate Site.

How to check Bounce Rate by ALEXA

To check with Alexa, open or click here. In the Search Box, type the domain address type and hit Find Button. It tells all the details of the website.

  • Alexa Rank
  • Audience Geography
  • Engagement (Engagement, Daily Page Views Per Visitor and daily time on site)
  • Top Keyword to Search Engine
  • Total sites linking
  • Related Sites

How to check Bounce Rate by using Google Analytics

You can also check Traffic Record, like Daily, Monthly or Weekly, Bounce Rate also appears in all the options. It is very important for the blog to be connected to Analytics.

Reasons For High Bounce Rate

High Bounce Rate is not a good sign for a website or blog. Lowering the Bounce rate means the user opens many pages of the site. There are many reasons for this, some of which I am sharing with you.

Site Speed: This means the Particular Site is open in how much time. If the site takes more time to open, then the Response Response will not be good.

Site Design: Design does not have any much value, but Font, Font Size, Image Placement, Background, it is not always easy for all Readers, Site Mobile is not responsive, it is natural to have Bounce Rate High.

Lack of High-Quality Content: Higher quality content also reduces the Bounce Rate.

Low-Quality Content: Helpful for User in Content of 3000 Word Also, having no posts written in accordance with Title has a bad effect.

Single Page Site: There is no link to another post in the blog post. In such a situation, the user will visit the next page.

Copy Paste Content: Copy Paste Content has no value. Readers also understand that this content is taken from any other website.

Blog Post Writing Format: It is also wrong to not follow a standard writing form. After reading the full post, the reader does not understand anything after not using the correct format and does not want to visit the site.

Bad or No Interlinking: Link to the second post in the blog post, or incorrectly.


In this post, we have known what is Bounce Rate? How do checks bounce rate and what can be the problem if the bounce rate is high? Be sure to comment in the Comment Box What is Bounce Rate of your Blog / Website? Post related to Confusion, Question or Suggestion.
February 27, 2019

How to Buying Web Hosting from Bigrock

Bigrock-Web Hosting is a service that provides space for you to store your website's data. Today there are many such websites on the Internet that Web Hosting Provider. After purchasing Web Hosting, you can save the data on your website to Web Hosting, so that millions of users on the internet can open your website and read that data.

All the types of content we upload on our website are saved on our website so that users can read those data so that all the people who are blogging are hosting for their blog or website.

There are lots of websites on the Internet from which you can buy Hosting for your blog or website. In this article, we are telling you about Bigrock Site, because Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator and Bigrock are considered to be the best website to buy Hosting, and most people like to buy Hosting and Domain from these websites.

Before you buy Web Hosting, it is very important to know how many types of Web Hosting are and what hosting is used for that purpose.

There are two types of Bigrock Web Hosting that are used by everybody today-

1- Linux Hosting- Linux Hosting works with PHP and MSQL. On Linux Hosting, you can Create Your Website Through WordPress, Zen Cart & PHP bb. Linux Hosting works very well because all WordPress users buy Linux Hosting only to create their own Blog or Website.

After purchasing Linux Hosting, you get a hosting panel on which you can add your Domain and you can easily create your Website. The best advantage of buying Linux Hosting is that the Load Speed of your Website remains good.

Which lets your website open quickly. Along with that, hosting is available at very low prices from Windows Hosting. So you do not have to pay too much money and you can easily create your website. It is very easy to buy Linux Hosting, you can click on Ad of Bigrock which is given below to you, after that you will be redirected to Bigrock's website. Now on this page, you get different Planes available. You can also select the Plane.

Along with Web Hosting Plane, you know how much you will get that Linux Hosting Per Month. We suggest that when you are buying First Time Web Hosting, you must first buy Web Hosting for 1 year. So when you get a good result, you can also Renew Plane after 1 year and increase the Time Period of Web Hosting.

02- Windows uses- Windows to host Windows Hosting Server. Normally Windows Hosting is a bit expensive (more money) than Linux Hosting. So most people do not like to buy Windows Hosting. Windows Hosting via ASP,. Create NET, Microsoft Access & Microsoft SQL Server, and can host your website.
Windows Hosting is very easy to buy Bigrock Hosting. Click on the Bigrock Windows Hosting Ad below and you will be redirected to the page of Bigrock.

Now you get different Planes for Windows Hosting, where you get the complete information about what you are getting with that web hosting, and you will also know how much you will get in Windows Hosting Per Month.

After this, you can select and buy any Web Hosting Plane accordingly.

We will suggest that you buy Windows Hosting for only 1 year first, so if you think that hosting is good for you and you are getting a good result, then you can renew your Plane by using the Time Period Can also increase.

Why Buy Web Hosting from Bigrock

Bigrock is a very famous company today and Bigrock's service is very good Personally, we had purchased a domain from Bigrock which is doing very well. Because we use Blogger, we do not have to buy hosting because we have not yet purchased the hosting. Therefore, we can not give you much information about hosting.

But if you talk about service then we have used Bigrock and its service is very good and you get customer support too. With Bigrock, you can buy different types of hosting such as:

  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • Linux Reseller Hosting
  • Windows Reseller Hosting
  • CMS Hosting
  • E-commerce Hosting

You can Buy All of these through Bigrock Website.

Quality of Bigrock

You can get 30 Day Money Back Guarantee by buying Birgrock, you can withdraw your money within 30 days. Suppose you bought a Linux hosting from Bigrock and hosted your website. Now you think Bigrock Hosting is not performing well and it is affecting your website or you need technical support and If you are not getting through Bigrock, then you can withdraw your money so that you do not have any damage.

This is a good feature that Bigrock Provides because many times we buy the product and then we feel that we made a mistake and we should not have bought that product, in such a way, we would return the product. Get your money back again

Bigrock Technical Customer Support

Now, when we talk about Technical Support, Bigrock gives you Toll-Free Number Provide so that you can get Technical Support through Coll in Free. Bigrock is the Toll-Free Number (1800 266 7625). Bigrock 99.9% Uptime offers you technical support, that too 24/7 Hours means 24 hours a week, you can always call Customer Support at this Toll-Free Number. We will suggest that you take Bigrock information from your hand and only after talking to your friends or people you trust, you can buy Hosting from Bigrock.

In Conclusion:

If we talk about it, then we have used the product of Bigrock and we have got a good result. That is why we are telling you about this product. So if you want to Create Website then you can try Try Buying Hosting from Bigrock once.
February 23, 2019

How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications on Blogger Blogs

How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications: Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to tell you How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications on Blogger Blogs, it is absolutely free, so that you can increase Traffic on your website.

How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications on blog

First of all, let us know that Blogger is a service provided by Google so that you can create your blog in Free.

Now let's talk about One Signal Push Notification, so many people ask us whether can I installed One Signal Push Notification in blogger? Because earlier this system could only be installed on WordPress Blog but now you can also apply this service on your Blogger Blog.

Why is One Signal Push Notification?

Those who do not know what is One Signal Push Notification? First, we tell them about One Signal Push Notification, this is a service that does a Notification Show when a visitor visits your website. In which they are asked to allow or disallow your Notifications. By doing this either people allow or disallow your Notification.

Now comes to the question of how Notification, we've to Allow this Plugin / Widget whenever you have to Publish a New Post to Blog then looked at your Notification those to tell you them a Notification Send Their Browser In which your latest post has a little information like the title of your latest post.

Now you've got two advantages of this thing, the first people who get on your Notification has to Allow them Information Direct Their Browser Your Latest Post.

And the second advantage is that they click on that Notification Direct to your website. So you must put One Signal Push Notification on your Blogger Blog.

How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications on Blogger Blogs

To add OneSignal Push Notifications on Blogger Blogs, you have to follow some basic steps like-

Step 01. One signal Push Notification

First, you have to create an account at One Signal Push Notification Website. For which you can visit the One Signal Website and click on the Login button.

Now like the image above, a popup window will open on your screen. In this window, you can click on the Sign-Up button below, if you wish, you can also sign up with your Facebook, Github or Google Account.

Step 02. Add a New App

Now, like on the screen above, on your screen, a page will open, where you get the option of Add a New App. You first click on it.

Step 03. App Name

You will now have a pop-up window open where you have to enter the name of your app. With the name of the app, you are not confused, you can name your website because it's just the name of your One Signal Account. After this, you click on the Create button.

Step 04. Web Push

You will now have a pop-up window open in front of the image above, where you have given some options, you have to click on the option of Web Push only.

Step 05. Configure Web Push

Now there will be a big page open on your screen, in which you have to configure Push Notification. In which you will set up all things for your Blogger Blog one by one:

01. WordPress Plugin or WordPress Builder

At the top you will get three options (Typical Sites, WordPress Plugin or WordPress Builder and Customs Code), you have to select the option of WordPress Plugin or WordPress Builder.

02. Site Setup

In this section, you have to enter the details of your website-

Site Name: In the first box, you have to type the name of your website.

Site Address: In the second box, you have to enter the URL of your website. We will suggest you to first open your website and then copy the entire URL and then paste it here.

03. Default Icon URL

Now if you want to add an icon of your One Signal then you can upload it directly from your computer or leave it blank. You get the default A Bell Icon.


If you have HTTPS installed on your website, then you can turn it on.

Permission Prompt Setup

This section is a bit more important to you because now you have to configure Push Notification, in which place you will have a Push Notification Show, what will be the show, what text will it contain, etc. This section is divided into 3 parts.

01. Subscription Bell

This Subscribe Bellis shown on your website/blog like a small icon, it is important for you to create it in the beginning.

Step 01. Add a Prompt

First, click on the Add a Prompt icon in the Permission Prompt Setup, which opens up a Pop-Up Page Open as shown above.

Step 02. Important Configuration

Size: First you have to set the size of your Bell Icon for which you have three options (Large, Medium, Small) You can select any of these options.

Location: Now you have to set a location for your Bell icon in which you get two options (Left, Right) You can select any of the two options according to your IQ.

Color: Now in Color, you have Main and Accent two options in which Main option lets you change the color of your Bell Icon and change the color inside the Icon from the Accent option.

Visibility: By opting this option, those people who do not have your Notification turned on again will not see your Subscribe Bell.

Step 03. Other Changes

There are some settings after these settings but they are not very important for you, so keep them the same and click Save Button.

02. Slide Prompt

First, click on the add a prompt button again and you open a popup of the Slide Prompt in front of you.

This Push Notification shows on your website when any visitor visits your website. Most people do this through Popup Notification via your Notification so you can customize this box according to your website as-

Slide down Prompt

First of all, you can do this on the checkbox given in front of this box, so that you can edit the text of this pop up too.

Action Message: In this box, you can write a small message for your readers so that they subscribe as soon as they read it.

Like: If you have a news website then you can write "Do you want to read Daily Latest News in free" or something like this that people will attract that they click on the Notification's Yes button only.

Button: Button you can also write in Hindi, English or Hinglish language as Yes - No, Yes - No, Ha - Nhi etc.

After this, you click on the Save button.

04. Welcome Notification

In this section, you have to write a Welcome Message, when your Reader will subscribe to your website, then it will be sent to you. You can also enter the URL of any page of your websites such as About Us or a Page of Thanks Page If you have made it, you can put it too.

Advanced Section

You do not have to make any changes on this section, you just click on the Save button given below.

Add Code to Site

After clicking on Save Button, now on your screen, a page will open like the image shown above, where you have been given a Code Combination, as well as a Button of Copy Code. You click on the Copy Code button so that it gets Copy Code.

So far you have configured One Signal Push Notification System, now you need to add it to your Blogger Blog for which we tell you further.

One Signal Push Notification in blogger

Now you have your One Signal Code that you want to add to your Blogger Blog for which you follow the steps given below-

Step 01. Login into your Blogger Dashboard

First, you log in to your Blogger Dashboard.

Step 02. Go to Themes Options

Go to Themes Options. Now you can click on Themes option in the left sidebar on the Blogger's Dashboard and in front of you will open a page like an image. In this page, you will find two options of Customize and Edit HTML just below the preview of your theme.

You can click on the option of Edit HTML, which makes your Theme's Coding Open.

Step 03. Paste your Copied Code

Now click anywhere on the given page with the mouse and press the Ctrl + F Button from Keyword, which will take a Search Box Show on your screen. I,n the Search Box you have to type <head> and press Enter. is.

By which you will find Coding of Head section of your Theme and you first create space by pressing Enter <head> below the code and paste it that you copied from Code One Signal Page.

Now your One Signal Push Notification code has been added to your theme, which is to save you by clicking on Save Template's Button and your One Signal Notification will be active on your Blogger Blog.

You open your blog in New Tab and check it out. Now your Blog Readers will be able to activate the Notification of your Blogger Blog and you will be able to easily increase Traffic on your blog.

In Conclusion (How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications Blogger)

Hopefully you can add your Blogger Blog Par One Signal Push Notification easily with the above information. Now, if you have any questions related to this topic then you can ask us in the Comment Box and you can use the Bell Icon or Email Subscription Service to get the latest notification of our latest post.
February 12, 2019

Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress Post or Pages

Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress:-

In today's article, we are going to tell you if you have ever deleted the Visual and Text Editor tab in your WordPress Blog, then how will you fix it so that the options come back to your WordPress Blog again?

Fix Visual and Text Tabs in WordPress

Friends, as you all know, almost all the bloggers today prefer to make their own blog on WordPress. Due to SEO, Design, Facility etc. But if you are a beginner and you have deleted the Visual and Text tab from the posts and pages of your WordPress Blog then it becomes a big problem for you.

Because without Visual Studio and Text Editor, you will not be able to customize your New Posts and Pages, so today we are going to tell you a very easy way in Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress Article, using your WordPress Blog But Visual Editor and Text Editor will be able to bring Tabs back and work easily on your WordPress Blog.

How to Fix Visual and Text Tabs in WordPress

Now let's talk about Fixing Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress, it is very easy to Solve it, you only have to follow Steps from Basic.

Step 01. Login into your WordPress Blog

First, you log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

For which you write your domain in the browser and add a wp-admin word to it so that the WordPress Dashboard will open on your screen such as: -

Suppose we have to log in to our WordPress Dashboard, we will log in to your blog's Dashboard through your Login Id and Password by typing, likewise, you also login to your WordPress Dashboard. can do.

Step 02. Go to Your Profile Option

After logging in to the WordPress Dashboard you have to go to Your Profile's Options. This option is given to you in the Users section (Left Sidebar). As you can see in the image given above.

Step 03. Un-tick "Disable the visual editor when writing" Option

Now on your screen, a page will open like the above image, at the top of this page you will find written Personal Options which will be found on the right (Disable the visual editor when writing) and a checkbox will be displayed in front of it. Now, if you see it there, you will see it tick now, then un-tick it.

Step 04. Update Profile

After setting this setting, you will have to save the setting, for which you will come to the bottom by scrolling down the page where you will get an option of Update Profile, click on the button of that Update Profile.

By which you will be setting Setting Save and will appear in your Post and Pages, Visual and Text Tab Show.

In Conclusion

In this way, you can Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress and you can put Visual and Text Tab on your WordPress Blog. Now if you have any problem in following these steps, then please tell us in the Comment Box so that we can assist you in your better way.
February 11, 2019

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 Review | Pros & Cons

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 review:- 

Hello Friend's In today's article, we will review TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 and tell you about some of Pros & Cons so that you can understand that TechSmith's Camtasia Studio 9 Video Editing Software is for you. How useful is it and whether you should use this software or not.

Friends, today we will review TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 but before that, we tell you that TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 is a Video Editing Software in which Screen Recorder gets Inbuilt so that you can use this software as a Screen Recorder Are.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 gives you all the flexibility to use video, images, audio in your video so that you can make your video a professional video from Normal Video. Let us tell you that TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 is the most used by YouTuber, so if you are a Beginner and want to make a career through YouTube, then you have to give your Video a Professional Look for which TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 is yours Is a very good software for.

Camtasia Studio 9 you get some of these features:-

  • Media
  • Annotations
  • Transactions
  • Behaviors
  • Animations
  • Cursor Effects
  • Voice Narration
  • Audio Effects
  • Visual Effects
  • Interactivity

All of these features are found in Camtasia Studio 9, we give you a little bit of information about what these features are, for full information, we will make TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 Video Editing Tutorial, in which we will be working with Camtasia Studio 9 Complete information will share about how to edit videos 


Media is used to import files into the software, such as Video, Audio, and Image, from which you can bring your files from this computer to your computer or Laptop and use them in your video.


In Annotations, you get the opportunity to do things like Icons, Text, Button, Lines, Symbols, Draw etc. By which you can increase their importance by highlighting things in your video.


As its name suggests, with its help you can apply Transactions to your video, so that you can show specific Parts of your Video differently.


In this option, you have given some Behaviors, which you can use on your Images or Icons, Symbols. This Behavior is used to set Behaviors of your Symbols to see how the Symbol came to your Video and how it went, it gives your Video a Professional Look.


In this option, you have given some Screen Options which you can use to change your Video Behavior.

Cursor Effects

It works on the Options Screen Recorded Video, in which you can decide how to show your Mouse Cursor.

Voice Narration

Through this option, you can make changes to the audio of your video, such as Noise Reduce, Fade In and Fade Out etc.

Audio Effects

In this, you have got some Basic Effects which you can use with your audio such as People Noise, Gun Shot etc.

Visual Effects

In this option, you get Green Screen, Screen Effects etc. which is very less available in Video Editing Software.


Through this option, you can insert links in your video which are clickable.

Pros & Cons of TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9:-

If there are some Pros of any software then there are some cons like-

Pros of TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9

Interface-Camtasia Studio 9's interface is very easy. Which is very much needed for any beginner.

Timeline- You have been given a lot of timelines in this software, in which you can play all the parts of your video on the different timeline, giving you a better space for your video's audio, images, effects and videos, and You can adjust them easily. With this, you also get a symbol of + here, so that you can increase timelines according to your need.

Features- In Camtasia Studio 9, you have been given the features for all things, which you can use in your videos. In which Green Screen is most important because this feature is not usually given in the Video Editing Software.

Audio Adjustment - In this software, you can do much more with your audio, such as Voice Narration, Volume Level, Fade In, and Out, etc., so that you can greatly improve your audio.

Cons of TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9

Paid- Firstly, this software is Paid, so if you want to use this software without any Watermark, you have to purchase it.

Effects - Effects for any video are very important now so that Video can be given a lot of Amazing Looks, but all of the Camtasia Video Editing Versions such as 7, 8 and 9 have absolutely been given Effects from the Basic.

Speaking of Voice - Audio, you get only Basic Effects here, which are mostly not used.

In the case of Transaction - Transactions, Camtasia Studio 9 is nothing special, here too you have been given Basic Transactions.

In Conclusion

After watching all the chops well and using it, we can personally say that TechSmith's Camtasia Studio 9 is a very Amazing Software, which provides all the basic things.  

Also, its interface is so good that any beginner with this software can easily learn Video Editing like Professional in just a few weeks, due to which this software is much better for those who are on YouTube Want to Make Your Career.So you must use this software, and if you want to learn how to do TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 through Video Editing, then you must subscribe to our Blog because very soon we will offer both Article and Video Tutorial on this topic. Doing so you can easily learn all things.

Now let's justify this review, let us know in the Comment Box, and if your friend wants to be YouTuber, then definitely tell them about Camtasia Studio 9 so that they can improve their videos.
February 10, 2019

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software Review Pros and Cons

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software:

Hello Friend's In this article of today we are going to tell about "Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software", so if you want to take a Video Editing Software for yourself, then this article may be useful to you.

Friends, first of all, let us tell you that Wondershare is a company that has created the Filmora Video Editing Software and this software is the best for all those who want to make their own career on YouTube.The best thing about this software is that in this you get a Screen Recorder, so that you can easily record your Computer or Laptop Screen by recording the tutorials. Now let's talk about why this software is YouTube's best.

We tell you that Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software for YouTube is good for many reasons, first of all it has an interface, which is very simple and secondly, in this software, you get all the things you can do with your video Only by giving professional look can improve.

So let's know about a little bit about Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software, and see how you get features in this software, what you can do with them, and how you can give your video a professional look.

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software Features


In the Filmora Video Editing Software, you have given a different timeline for all your Objects (Video, Images and Audio), so that you can manage all of your objects well so that you can align everything in your video Make a Perfect Looking Video

Preview Screen:-

In Filmora, you get a preview screen in which you can understand the changes that are happening in your video. The best part of this preview screen is that you can also run it in full screen, so that when you feel that your video has been edited, you can watch it first by playing your video in full screen.


Inside the media are all your objects, which you bring inside the software from your computer/laptop. Let's assume that you need many videos to edit a video and you have to import some images so you can import them into the software.


In the Music Option, Filmora provides you with 50 Copyright Free Music, which you can use in your videos.

Text / Credit:-

In this option, you are given different types of text Fonts and styles, which are completely Customizable. Which you can use on Start, Middle, Title, End and Bottom on Video.


Even in Transaction, Filmora gives you lots of variety so you can customize your images and the style of Video. With these transactions, you can show your video differently by putting your video in the beginning and end.


This feature is available only in the big video editing software, but here you also get it in Filmora, the most important thing of this feature is that by using them you can customize the look of your video completely by making it a very professional Can create.


Overlay is used to effect effects in the video, in Filmora, you get many great overlay which you can give to your video a very good look.


In Elements, you get lots of Elements like Text, Symbols, Emoji etc. which you can put on your video, the best part of them is that you can customize it and create your video accordingly.

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software Pros & Cons

Now let's talk about some of the Pros and Cons of Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software, as most of the software has some Pros and there are some cons, we are telling here some points from our experience and if you have any point If so, please share in the Comment Box.

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software Pros

01. Professional:-

The best thing about Filmora is that you can get all the things you need in making this a professional looking video, all you get in this software.

02. Green Screen:-

This feature is available in very little Video Editing Software, which is available in Filmora and by using it you can easily make your video a lot better by changing your video background.

03. Timelines:-

In Filmora, you have given a different timeline for Images, Video, Effects and Audio so that you can understand all the things well and edit them. Along with this, if you want to increase a timeline, you can do it easily.

04. Zoom In and Zoom Out:-

In Zoom In and Out of Zoom Out, if you want, you can bring your video to Zoom Out from Zoom In and if you want, then Zoom Out can take Zoom Inside towards.

05. Extra Features:-

Filmora always launches some new elements, which you can direct download and use in your software. Such as Filers, Overlay and Transaction etc.

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software Cons

01. Paid Software:-

In Cons, this software is not free, if you want to edit Video without credit, then you have to purchase Filmora Software.

02. Zoom In and Zoom Out:-

We liked Filmora's Zoom In feature a little bit because here if you want to zoom a particular part, then you have to make that Portion different, that is, you have to cut it and only then you can zoom in and zoom out. Due to this, the difference in a video is clearly revealed which we did not like.

03. Audio Editing:-

In Filmora you get lots of audio editing options but in the volume of Audio High or Low, you have so many options that make Confusion, as in Camtasia Studio there is a facility of Volume High or Low, in exactly the same filmora It would have been much better then.

In Conclusion

After using and understanding the Filmora Software, it would not be wrong to say that this software is very good for all those who want to make their own career on YouTube and they do not have Video Editing.

Because in this software you can learn Video Editing very well just by looking at some tutorials.

So if you are a beginner or you want to create a professional video then Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software is a better option for you and you must use it now. Now if you do not want to edit Video from Filmora and you want to learn, then Techbyrs Website Please subscribe because we will soon bring you Video Completion Package Video Tutorial for you.

If you like this article, then please share it with your friends and if you have any questions, please tell us in the Comment Box Thank you very much.
February 08, 2019

WordPress vs Blogger Which one is Better and Why

WordPress vs. Blogger: Which Is Better & Why?

If you are a New Blogger then you will have the question in your mind about which blogging platform is out of the WordPress vs. Blogger so that you can choose the right Blogging Platform for yourself so today we will give you a WordPress vs Blogger which platform is better.

Generally, we use to blogging in the beginning and it is also right because it is totally free and we do not know much about blogging in the first days and from here we are what blogging and how It is learned about it.

WordPress vs Blogger

Many bloggers started their blogging with the Blogger platform, but after that, they shifted their blog to WordPress because you get lots of convenience on WordPress.

Here, we can tell you that WordPress offers two types of service, one of which is and the other is Paid which is and it is known as WordPress.

However, there are lots of platforms available on the internet for blogging such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium etc. We are going to tell you about WordPress vs Blogger because most of these two platforms are used for blogging.

WordPress vs Blogger which is better

Why Use Blogger:-

Creating a blog on Blogger is as easy as Blog Maintain to do because it is Google's product and is absolutely free for which you do not have to spend any money, so the new Blogger uses it most.

Let us tell you many successful bloggers started their first blog on this, you can easily create and run a blog using your Gmail account without any technical knowledge.

Because it does not require you to buy a Domain Name nor need to buy hosting, both of you get it in free as it is Google's and it is completely secure.

Why Use WordPress:-

WordPress is a great platform for Blogger who wants to do professional blogging and want to make a career in blogging because in it you get thousands of free WordPress plugin and theme, using which you can change the look of your blog with one click. And create a Professional Blog.

So first of all, it is important for you to know what is WordPress? so you can easily understand about it because many people who use Blogger are scared to hear the word of WordPress.

Because for this, you need Domain Name and Hosting, which you have to use to create a WordPress Blog, which is a completely different experience for those who use Blogger and above all you have to spend money for it too.

However, using WordPress is as easy as Blogger, because once you have set up a blog on WordPress, there is no such difference and there is much more convenience than blogger, which you can boost your blogging.

Benefits of using Blogger

  1. It is absolutely free so there is no need to buy Domain and Hosting.
  2. It is very easy to use because its interface is very simple and easy.
  3. Since it is from Google, it is also completely safe.
  4. You can create lots of free blogs on Blogger.

Benefits of using WordPress

  1. It can make you a professional blog and website.
  2. It is also very easy to use.
  3. In it, you get thousands of free themes and plugins.
  4. Wordpress is beyond sight of SEO.

What is the difference between WordPress vs Blogger

  • Blogger is free while blogging has to be spent on blogging.
  • Comparing WordPress to SEO.SEO Optimization is very easy.
  • Blogger By Default provides HTTPS security while you have to set up HTTPS on WordPress.
  • On WordPress, you can change the Blog theme in one click but you can not do this on Blogger.
  • You get thousands of free themes on WordPress but do not get to Blogger.
  • To bring a feature into WordPress, you only need to install a plugin, while on Blogger, you have to coding.
  • You can get fire from your competitor using WordPress while using Blogger.
  • WordPress gives you the opportunity to create a professional blog while only simple design is available on Blogger.
  • WordPress is much faster than Blogger.
  • WordPress updates from time to time and puts new features, whereas nothing like on Blogger.
  • The owner of Blog is completely WordPress, but the Blogger is free, so its owner is Google, if he wants, then he can stop the blogger at any time.
  • WordPress is completely under your control, you can customize it accordingly, while you can make limited changes on Blogger.
  • There is a free Theme and Plugin Store for WordPress, while not available for Blogger.
  • Transferring WordPress to Blogger is much easier than Blogger.
  • WordPress is much more SEO and Mobile Friendly than Blogger.

What are the benefits of WordPress vs. Blogger on top of you and what is the difference between WordPress vs Blogger, this time we have given full information in which you will find the right platform for yourself.

But the question is still what is WordPress vs Blogger which platforms are out there and who we should choose us so that we can become Successful Blogger and make money by creating a blog.

According to us, if there is a new blogger who had already discovered what blogging is and how to make a blog and work on it, then he should use Blogger Platform and firstly learn about blogging. Should increase. Because Blogger is a free platform and you do not have to spend money for it, so first you need to write a blog and write it because many people do not have enough time to blogging and leave it, which is your time and money. Use Blogger as bad.

If you have had a lot of time or knowledge while doing blogging and if you want to continue blogging then you should start thinking about using WordPress today. Because all the bigger bloggers use the same WordPress, that is, today if you want to make a professional blogger today or tomorrow you will only be able to shift your blog to WordPress.

Here, we can tell you that when you shift from Blogger to WordPress, your blog's traffic may be reduced, but if you apply the right way, then it is very good for you.

So friends hope that you have now understood that WordPress vs Blogger which platform is better and which of you will be right in WordPress vs Blogger. If you like our article, then as a Blogger, please share it with Blogger, which is upset about what platform vs WordPress platform is outside and if you have any questions tell us in the comment.