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October 29, 2019

Best Server Setup for High Traffic WordPress Site (Guide 2019)

Blogging is an easy way to share your knowledge with the world. But due to less money and no knowledge of technology, many people are defeated. The biggest problem facing a blogger is to set up a superfast server for your blog. So that his blog can perform better than others and Google can also rank him well. That is why today I am giving information about setting up the most Superfast Server for High Traffic WordPress Website.

Best Server Setup for High Traffic WordPress Site 2019

Suppose you have hosted your site on shared hosting and it is getting good traffic and you do not have any problem, then this is a good thing.

But suddenly one day you get a mail from the hosting provider saying that,

In most cases this happens, a non-technical blogger feels unhappy, dissatisfied and helpless. Now if he upgrades the plan, he will have to pay a lot of money for it.

If he makes a better VPS, Dedicated or Managed WordPress Hosting purchase, then he will have to pay about $ 100 every month.

Has that ever happened to you?

If your answer is "yes", then today I am going to tell you its solution. One way in which you can set up a super-fast hosting server for your WordPress site in less money.

Best Server Setup Guide 2019 for WordPress Website
You will need a little bit of coding knowledge for the way I am telling you how to set up a superfast server. Only then you will be able to do server configured correctly.

Otherwise, you will have to hire a developer to set up the server. You can hire me I also do the work of developing.

# 1 Fastest Hosting

Talking about performance, the hosting of Google Cloud and Amazon AWS is at the top, but the price of their plans is very high.

Therefore, we will choose a service provider that is comparable to them, but their plan price is cheap. Like,

  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode
  • Vultr

These three provide low-cost lighting fast cloud hosting servers. I use DigitalOcean's server. Because it is also the data center in India. Which makes the site load fast in India.

If you are a Hindi blogger then I would also advise you to host the site on DigitalOcean Server. You can read the DigitalOcean Hosting Review 2019 post to know more about it.

If you want, CloudWays can also take its Managed Server. But its price will be almost double. So it is better that we do manual setup & configure DO Server and install WordPress.

#2. Server configuration

There are many ways to set up a server for WordPress on Un-managed server and DigitalOcean cloud hosting, such as,

Which Linux to choose? (Ubuntu, CentOS or someone else)
Now setup LEMP (Nginx) with Linux or LAMP (Apache)?
According to me it is better to run WordPress with Nginx (LEMP stack) on the Ubuntu server. Because Nginx software is much faster than Apache.

# 3. Caching

After setup of the server comes the Cache plugin, then I would advise you to use Server Cache (FastCGI Cache) without using any cache plugin.

Because FastCGI is much faster than the cache plugin. I have already told about this,

How to setup FastCGI Cache - Complete Guide in Hindi
If you do not want to use FastCGI Cache then I would recommend you to use the WP-Rocket cache plugin. Because it is better than all other cache plugins.

You can also use free cache plugins like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache or Fastest Cache, but all of them face some issue.

Also, I would suggest enabling the Opcode Cache to make PHP performance fast. After this, you do not need Varnish, Redis, Memcached.

# 4. Themes

If you are talking about the fastest WordPress themes then I would recommend you use StudioPress and MyThemeShop themes. Because it is the fastest loading and SEO optimized.

The StudioPress Framework is the most commonly used WordPress site worldwide. Even today it remains at the 1st position for the WordPress blog.

# 5. Cdn

After all this you need the best CDN provider. I will suggest two CDNs (content delivery network).

  • Cloudflare (Free)
  • KeyCDN (Paid)

Both of these provide the best service. Now you can decide whether to use free CDN or Premium.


After this it comes to Http and https, then https has become necessary for blog and website.

If you have a budget then you can take Godaddy SSL. Otherwise, I would recommend you to use Let's Encrypt SSL or Cloudflare Flexible SSL.

If you enable https correctly then it will have a slight effect on the speed of your site, if set up incorrectly, the speed of the site can be slower.

# 7. Managed Hosting

If you do not want to set up the server manually then I would recommend you use Managed WordPress Hosting. Because in this you get a previously optimized server.

You will not need to do anything in the name of the setup. For this, you can choose one of the following tops managed WordPress hosting.

  • Kinsta
  • WP Engine
  • CloudWays
  • KnownHost
  • Siteground

All of them have good service and performance but their price is very high. If you have so much budget then this is the best for you.

# 8. Optimization

What a WordPress site has to optimize in order to speed up a WordPress site. Such as Database optimizing, Database Clean up, Extra Script & CSS optimizing, etc.

If your current hosting is not causing any problems, I suggest you stick to it. When you have a problem, you can migrate your site to one of these hosting servers.

Hope you have liked this information, if you have any question related to it, then you can ask in the comment section.
February 12, 2019

Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress Post or Pages

Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress:-

In today's article, we are going to tell you if you have ever deleted the Visual and Text Editor tab in your WordPress Blog, then how will you fix it so that the options come back to your WordPress Blog again?

Fix Visual and Text Tabs in WordPress

Friends, as you all know, almost all the bloggers today prefer to make their own blog on WordPress. Due to SEO, Design, Facility etc. But if you are a beginner and you have deleted the Visual and Text tab from the posts and pages of your WordPress Blog then it becomes a big problem for you.

Because without Visual Studio and Text Editor, you will not be able to customize your New Posts and Pages, so today we are going to tell you a very easy way in Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress Article, using your WordPress Blog But Visual Editor and Text Editor will be able to bring Tabs back and work easily on your WordPress Blog.

How to Fix Visual and Text Tabs in WordPress

Now let's talk about Fixing Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress, it is very easy to Solve it, you only have to follow Steps from Basic.

Step 01. Login into your WordPress Blog

First, you log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

For which you write your domain in the browser and add a wp-admin word to it so that the WordPress Dashboard will open on your screen such as: -

Suppose we have to log in to our WordPress Dashboard, we will log in to your blog's Dashboard through your Login Id and Password by typing, likewise, you also login to your WordPress Dashboard. can do.

Step 02. Go to Your Profile Option

After logging in to the WordPress Dashboard you have to go to Your Profile's Options. This option is given to you in the Users section (Left Sidebar). As you can see in the image given above.

Step 03. Un-tick "Disable the visual editor when writing" Option

Now on your screen, a page will open like the above image, at the top of this page you will find written Personal Options which will be found on the right (Disable the visual editor when writing) and a checkbox will be displayed in front of it. Now, if you see it there, you will see it tick now, then un-tick it.

Step 04. Update Profile

After setting this setting, you will have to save the setting, for which you will come to the bottom by scrolling down the page where you will get an option of Update Profile, click on the button of that Update Profile.

By which you will be setting Setting Save and will appear in your Post and Pages, Visual and Text Tab Show.

In Conclusion

In this way, you can Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress and you can put Visual and Text Tab on your WordPress Blog. Now if you have any problem in following these steps, then please tell us in the Comment Box so that we can assist you in your better way.
February 02, 2019

How to add a subscribe box in WordPress blog?

How to Add Email Subscriptions box to Your WordPress Blog

Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog: Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to tell you how to add email subscriptions box in your WordPress by using a plugin, so that you can easily increase subscribers to your blog.

Subscribe box in WordPress blog

Email marketing is of great importance in the blogging field because with this facility you can send your Subscribers through Notification Email of your Latest Post. So your readers get information from your latest post and they can read that post by visiting your website.

By doing so, you can easily increase Traffic on your latest post. The best option for Adding Email Subscription Box is FeedBurner but if you use WordPress you get lots of plugins.

By using which you can activate any service on your blog without any Coding or Technical Knowledge. Such as Email Subscribe Box, Social Media Widgets and more.

So today we will learn to add a WordPress plugin to our Subscribe to the WordPress Blog Par Subscribe.

How to add a subscribe box in WordPress step by step

Add a subscribe box in WordPress blog is very easy for you to install just one plugin and configure it so that the plugin works well on your website, add and configure the Email Subscribe Box You can follow the steps given below.

Step 01. WordPress Dashboard

First, you have to open your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 02. Plugins

After you open the WordPress Dashboard, first go to the Plugins section, which is given in the Left Hand Side Bar on WordPress. You can also see the image above for more information.

After going to Plugins section, you get the option of Add New, to install any New Plugin on WordPress you have to click on Add New's Button only.

Step 03. Email Subscribers & Newsletters

After clicking on the Add New button, a page like an image above becomes open on your screen. In this page, you are given a search box. You can search for any plugin in that search box.

Now because we need Email Subscription Plugin we will do "Email Subscribers" by doing Search. When you do this, you have some results in front of you.

You have to install the plugin that is showing up in the image. This plugin is absolutely free. Before installing the plugin, you must check that the plugin is designed by Icegram.

Step 04. Install & Activate the Plugin

To install the plugin, you get a button of Install Now directly in front of that plugin. You can click on that button on Install Now and this plugin starts getting installed on your WordPress.

When this plugin is installed, you get an option to Activate in the same place. Activate the plugin so that it adds to your WordPress Blog

In this way, you can easily Activate Email Subscribe Plugin on your WordPress Blog / Website.

How to Configure Subscribe Box in WordPress Blog

After installing Email Subscription Plugin, you now need to Configure your Plugin first so that it looks good to see the plugin as well as to follow the steps given below to configure WorkPlugin properly. -

Step 01. Subscribers

After installing and activating Email Subscribers Plugin, you get an option of Email Subscribers in the Left Sidebar of WordPress.

You first click on the option of Email Subscribers and now you have all the Features Show in this plugin. We tell you about these features one by one-

When you click on an option, you get the information of your subscribers, such as their name and their email address, when you install this plugin, two subscribers are already shown and you can delete them if you wish.

02. Templates

It has two designs that you can edit and send to your subscribers. But we will recommend that you delete these two posts because you have to send the notification of your latest post for which both posts are useless for you.

03. Post Notification

In this option, you do not have to make any changes, we will tell you for information that through this option you can select your categories whether or not you have to send a Notification on Post Update on that category.

04. Newsletters

You also do not have to make any changes on this option.

05. Settings

After going to this option, you get some other options in which you can make changes to your needs, such as-

Admin- After you go to this page, you can change the email address to be sent. Normally here you are given the email address that you have given in WordPress Settings.

Signup Conformation- This page gives you messages which will be shown when your readers subscribe to your website or unsubscribe, you can also change those messages.

06. Reports & Help

In these two options, you do not have to make any changes of any kind.

Thus you can set Email Subscribers Plugin according to your needs. Now you need to fix this email subscribe widget on your WordPress box for which we are going to tell you further.

How to add a subscribe box to the WordPress sidebar

When you install the Subscribe Plugin on your WordPress Dashboard and also configure it, then you need to add it to your WordPress Blog so that it can show up on your blog.

It's better to have Email Subscribe Box in Sidebar or Footer so you can just add your Email Subscribe Box to any one of these two places. Now how we do this, we are telling you the Step by step below.

Step 01. Login into your WordPress Dashboard

Adding Plugin / Widget to the website requires that you log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 02. Appearance

To adjust the Menu or Widget on the WordPress Blog, you have to go to the Appearance option. Appearance Option left Hand Side of WordPress Dashboard Clicking on the option of Appearance gives you a list right where you get an option of Widget.

You first click on the option of the widget and a new page opens on your screen.

Step 03. Drag your Widget

In this page, you get some Widgets in the Left Hand Side which you can drag on your Sidebar or Footer.

To drag the widget, click on the left mouse button from the left mouse button and hold it on and then drag it to the Lift Sidebar or Footer Menu, which adds the Email Subscribers Widget to your Sidebar.

Step 04. Write a Title and Description

Now you have to give the name of your email for the Subscribe Box. Like most people write things like Email Subscription, Subscribe, Get Notification etc. Similarly, you can also give a title for your widget.

Description: Description is a bit important to you because the things you write here are shown with your widget, as you can see on our website.

In which you can write words according to your IQ. We can tell you that you can use any Langauge in Hindi, Hinglish or English in the description.

In Conclusion

How to add a subscribe box in WordPress blog? is very easy and you can add many types of Subscribe Box to your Website such as Feedburner Subscribe Box, Popup Email Subscribe Box, etc. We will tell you about all these methods in the upcoming tutorials.

If you must read those posts and get our latest post on Notification Email, you can subscribe to our website so that you will be able to read our latest posts, now you have any questions related to this topic, then you can contact us at the Comment Box Thank you.
January 18, 2019

How to check wordpress blogging speed

WordPress performance test

WordPress Blog Loading Speed, What is Blog / Website Loading Speed. In the last post, WordPress Blog SEO has been told in the previous post. When it comes to SEO, Loading Speed is placed at the first number. Loading Speed is not just WordPress but builds on any platform or website.

How to check website loading speed

Before knowing this, you should know about what you know what is Loading Speed. If yes, it is a good thing, if not, then read further. One thing and more about Loading Speed, so far, share what you know in the Comment Box with us.

What is loading speed

The user (you or we) can not remember many URLs. For this, resort to the search engine. Well, there are many search engines. However, most users use Google Search Engine. In this way, the Publisher (Website Owner) wants to see your website at Top in the SERP (Serch Engine Page Result). But have you ever wondered why the user came to your website? For a while, forget the Search Engine. There are many users who come directly to your website. What does the Website Owner (Publisher) do for them?

A user has many options. Writing is understood, which will explain the way to explain and the user will go to the same website. But if the information is Same. What will happen then? Do not know how much the blog is running on a single topic today. In this case, the user has the option. In this, Loading Speed of the website can only keep your website in the eye of the user. When the URL is clicked, then the webpage should be opened within The faster the website will be the faster load the user will like.

Why the blog load speed is low

Blog Speed stands for Webpage Load. Do you know what causes the loading speed to decrease? The result is satisfactory when you install WordPress Speed Check. But, when the website is ready according to you, the loading speed becomes very less. The website which was initially loaded in 5 to 10 seconds. But now it is taking longer than 30 seconds. Why can this happen something?

When WordPress is installed, there is only the default theme, plugin, and some data. But when the website is ready, it has many plugins. Doing the right to do the design - you can install many themes too. Some people are Slider in the Website, Image Image is very large in Thumbnail of some Blogs. That takes time to load. How can I check this out? How long does it take to get a website load?

How to check blog loads

There are several Blog Speed Test Tool which checks how much time it takes to get Website Load. Speed Vary can be done in different tools. Some of the tools listed below are listed below. Click here to enter a website URL and check how long your website is loading.

Check Page Load Speed from these websites and what's your blog's Load Speed in Comment? In the next post, we will get about how to fast website loading speed. In this post, with just one new information, they meet in a new post.
January 17, 2019

How to fasten the loading speed of WordPress blog

How to fast loading speed

WordPress Loading Speed Whenever it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Loading Speed is considered. In this way, should know this how to fast loading speed. Well, it is part of development. Take the time to work in the field you are good at. A blog is the work of Customization Developer. But in the early days, maybe not a budget, you can do it yourself.

Explain with a very easy example. Have you ever watched Youtube Video on 2G Speed? How does it feel when loading/buffering? It comes very angrily. But, whether we wait for that video or not depends on our requirement. If you want to watch the video then wait for it but if you want to watch it then wait for some time. If you do not play a video then click on any other link. This is exactly what happens with Blog / Website. How Important is Blog Content for User If it is very important, then the user also waits? But if not more important then click on any other link. Talk to Blog / Website, User has many options.

There are many blogs on the same topic. In such a way that the website is the first load, the user likes to browse the same website.

Why the page loading speed should be fast :

To get to the top of Google SERP, you have to follow more than 200 Ranking Factor. Loading Speed is a very important SEO Factor. For this, Launched the Site Speed Test Tool in Google. Where you can Check Site Loading Speed. One of the key points of the Google Speed Test Tool is that this solution also gives what changes should be done in Blog / Website so that Fast Load is done.

Talking about the user, fast loading site user likes more. What is the content on the website, it will be known after reading but when the user does not come to the website, how will he know how the content is? That's why Site Fast Load for New User.

How to WordPress Blog Load Speed :

Some research has been done on Blog Speed. Which found that 47% of Internet users prefer Sites that load less than 2 Seconds. While 40% of users ignore sites that load more than 4 sec in Time. So, if the website's loading time is less than 3 seconds then it is good. If you want to reduce your blog by reducing the loading time of your blog, then read and follow the tips below. There are some steps that can be increased by using Blog Speed.

1. Hosting

Some people have confusion before removing that confusion. A blog is built on many platforms. Which has the most popular WordPress? There are two services in WordPress too. and Both mean different. is self-hosted WordPress. While is a service of Automattic, If your budget is allowed, self-hosted Wordpress can be used. Have to Purchase the Hosting in Always buy web hosting from a company that offers Best customer support and service. In the beginning, you may have any attention towards any hosting. However, hosting is tested only when traffic increases.

2. Plugins & Widgets

Plugin and Widget have been developed to make design and development work easier in WordPress, and this is why WordPress's Market Demand is very much. Using Plugins, Development Related Many Problems Solve. But sometimes customization makes use of a few more plugins. On one side, Plugin makes WordPress Development easy, on the other hand, Site Heavy makes it. Here's the meaning of Heavy Web page. It takes time to get Page Open. This means use minimal plugins and widgets to speed up Site Load Speed.

Now if the blog is on or blogger then here plugin does not have to do manual work for Design and Development. In this case, Summary is that if Site Load Speed Fast, then use Plugin and Widget Less or Use Plugin Manually in the Theme.

3. Image Optimization

Image Optimization This is very important. You can use a plugin for this but, as mentioned above, use the Minimum Plugin or manually install it in the theme. There is a lot of increase in TinyPNG Plugin Image Optimization. But, they can also be used without installation. Before uploading an image, minimize its size from

4. Advertisement

Using more advertisements in Blog is also not right for Loading. There is a main earning source advertisement of any informative website/blog. If the horse will friendship with the grass, will you eat? This means that advertisements have to be applied, but better than 10 Low CPC Ad, that's a high CPC ad. Google Adsense is the blogger's favorite monetization network. It gives two types of advertising. Synchronous and Asynchronous. A few days ago, Google Adsense only gave Synchronous Ad but now Asynchronous Ad is also offering it. Sync Ad took time to load. But, Async Ad loads in a short time.

5. Use Cache Plugins

Must use caching plugins for Fast Loading Blog. When a user opens the website, the data is sent to the hosting server. Sometimes this process takes a little more time, due to this, the blog gets slow and visitors stop before your site is open. If you do not want to miss the blog Traffic then install in the cache plugins blog.

Conclusion Blog Speed Fast Load Tips :

Some bloggers remain annoyed due to traffic. When and how will the traffic come? But the traffic that is just not working on it. Traffic is on a blog but do you know why they shut it down before visiting the site? It's the first and the biggest reason is Site Loading Speed. Check Blog Load Speed for this and use the above method to Website Optimize. If there is any question related to this post then you can ask in the Comment Box.

January 16, 2019

Top 5 Best WordPress SEO plugin to improve your rankings in 2019

Top 5 WordPress SEO plugin 

Top 5 Best WordPress SEO plugin. There were already many frameworks to build the website but when the WordPress release was released on May 27, 2003, there was a new revolution in website development. With the help of Wordpress today, much less is spent and the website becomes in a very short time. Over time blogging emerges as a new business. Now it is very difficult to say whether blogging has become the reason for blogging or blogging has become easy due to WordPress. Bloggers need maximum traffic and blogs should be used for traffic. There are some WordPress SEO Plugins for WordPress blog SEO that can get great traffic on the blog. In today's post, we will talk about the Top 5 Best SEO Plugin.

Top 5 Best SEO Plugins

SEO is very important for traffic on a website built on WordPress blog or any other framework. With the help of the plugin, SEO can be easily done. Some plugins are also installed when installing WordPress. The option to insert the title, description and keyword word into the plugin remains available. With this, Search Engine finds it easy to find Keyword.

1. All In SEO Plugin

All In One SEO Plugin had the option of inserting Title, Description and Keyword, as well as Social Media, also had the option to upload Title, Description, and Image. But updates a few days ago and now only have the option to enter title and description for the website.

2. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin is also a very good WordPress SEO Plugin. Some bloggers all in One SEO then speak to use some Yoast SEO Plugin. If seen, both good plugins are good. Use both of those that seem right. Many of the customizations of this plugin are present in this plugin.

3. Rich Snippet WordPress Plugin

The use of the Roch Snippet WP Plugin looks a lot less. Have ever given a search result with a star (*) Ranking in Google Search. You can see the screen shortcode below. Star ranking provides a tremendous improvement in traffic. Below is a list of some rich snippet WP plugins that can be used.

4. Image Compression Plugin

Page Size for WordPress SEO should be very low. Soon that the page loads. Many times this happens when an image is made from Photoshop or Paint, its size is very large. But the size of the image should be small while uploading. There are many WordPress plugins for this, but the load time of the website increases with the use of more plugins. This work can also be done without uploading the plugin.

As mentioned earlier, there must be at least Plugin on WordPress. The fewer plugins the website will have, the faster and faster load. Now learn how to compress the image without the plugin. When uploading the image to any website, it should be compressed from any website. The plugin also does the same. The plugin, which is uploaded on the image website, compresses it by compiling it. It can be done manually too. For some days I used the Image Compress plugin but I do not do it now. Compress it before uploading the image to the website.

5. Cache Plugin

Fast loading of any website is also a good SEO signal. In this case, you should create a Fast Loading Site as fast as possible. Use the Cache Plugin to fast website load. A plugin is the Cache plugin in Section of WordPress.Org. But the list of some nice plugins is given below, which they must do. Cache means installing some of the websites in Temporary Data Browser. The plugin is used to do this and whenever the request is made on behalf of the user, the website loads quickly. Because today the user has many websites where he can get the information. In such a situation, if the website does not load quickly, then the user moves like any other website. This increases the bounce rate which is Harmful to SEO.

Conclusion Best SEO Plugin

Installing the above-mentioned plugins can easily SEO of the website. Plugins mentioned above in any WordPress website must be installed. Any other information can be asked in the comment. Use the same method as described above for Plugin for Image Optimization. That's just as good as the few who use the plugin.