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January 30, 2019

What is backlinks and why it is important for SEO

What is Backlinks?

What is Backlinks: Hello Friends in today's article we talk about What is backlinks and why it is important for SEO.

When a Webpage is connected to another page via a link, then it is called Backlink. You can also say this in another way when you create a link to connect a website to another website, then it is called Backlink. What is Backlinks?

To create Backlink, you can use Link to one of the posts or use your Domain Name. "What is backlinks".

For Example: When you create a blog, then share that blog on Social Media Sites so that when someone clicks on your shared post on Social Media, then it gets redirected to your blog. This is because you had shared the link of your blog post on Social Media Site.

Because of which anyone can access your blog by clicking on that link.

There are 8 types of Backlink: -

Internal Link

When the Blog Post is created to link the Blog Post to another blog post, it is called Internal Link. Because both of those blog posts are written under the same domain name and do not work to carry it to any other website.

You can also say this like that when Link Create is done to take the Audience to another page on one of its own pages, it is called Internal Link.

External Link

When Link is created to connect a blog to another blog then it is called External Link.

You can also say this in a way that when you visit a website and click on the link given on that website, you are redirected to another website, then it is called External Link.

Link Juice

When two blogs that have been created on the same topic, they are linked to the link and they are Do Follow Link, then they link the linked website to Juice which is called Link Juice in Blogging.

Let's say you create a blog that is about Android Cellphones and we also have a blog on the same topic that we add to your website through Link, then our Blog Juice Provides your Blog.

In the simplest language you can also say that when the blogs created on the Same Topic are connected with each other, the value of that link is more than what we call Link Juice.

Anchor Text

When Link is created above the Targeted Word, it is called Anchor Text Link.

For example: You write an article related to a blog on your blog that contains a lot of words inside the article. Now in those words, you write a Blogger Word and then link the Blogger Website to that particular word. That is called Word Anchor Text.

Low-Quality Links

When you create your link on a website that is not related to your topic, then the link does not provide you with any type of juice, so that link is called Low-Quality Link.

High-Quality Links

When two blogs are on Same Topics and they have been connected with each other through Do Follow Backlink, they will be called High-Quality Link because they are providing Juice Provide to each other.

No Follow Link

When two links are connected through the link, but in the link, add the nofollow word, then it becomes a No Follow Link. Which means that the link is redirecting you to another page but it is not providing any kind of Juice, because of that it is called No Follow Link.

Do Follow Link

When two blogs are connected through Link and do not add the Nofollow word to that link, it becomes a Do Follow Link so that it provides Juice Provide to the Linked Blog.

Different Benefits of Creating Backlink are: -

01-High Page Rank

Creating High-Quality Links is the Page Rank Improve of Your Blog, and your Blog Search Engine shows inside the first page. Simultaneously, Creating High-Quality Backlinks also increases your Blog Domain Authority.

To bring Blog to High Rank, you have to create both Do Follow Link and No Follow Link so that both Traffic and Domain Authority get increased in your blog.

02-Referral Traffic

When you add your link to any website to create Backlinks, the traffic coming to that website is also redirected to your blog which starts to cause Traffic Increase on your blog.

Backlinks are the most important to make website popular and to increase traffic on the website, so think about building backlinks right from the right websites.

03- Increase Alexa Ranking

When there are Quality SEO Backlinks on your blog, you get Juice to your domain from the websites that you create your Backlinks, and your blog's Alexa Ranking Improve.

04- Successful Blog

When you have the right backlinks on your blog and your blog has the right traffic, then your blog becomes a successful blog, so you can also earn good earnings.

In Conclusion

To make any Blog a Successful Blog Quality SEO Backlinks was very important. Along with this, if you create Backlinks from the wrong website, then your blog may also be damaged by that backlink. What is Backlinks?

So you can create backlinks only from the right place so that you can benefit. If you have any questions related to this topic then you can ask us in the Comment Box.
January 29, 2019

5 Ways to Improve Website Rankings 2019

How to Improve the Rank of Website - 5 Optimization Methods of SEO Rankings

Website optimization methods 2019: If you are looking to rank your website through Google search, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be in the first place of your priority list. We all know that if someone can not find us by searching then we will not be able to produce the right audience and results for our business. It has been estimated that the highest (about 94%) results for any business are experienced due to search engine ranking.

There are some things you need to do to increase your chances of getting rank on Google search. Let's know 5 ways to improve SEO ranking 2019:

Use only High Quality and Unique Content -

The first and most important thing is content. Our content should be high-quality, new (not copied) and relevant. If your website has fresh, exciting, or informative content, it will keep visitors on your page or website for a long time and will help you increase your website's user experience.

Improve Speed of Page Loading -

If your website's load speed is very low, then Google will recognize it, and it will harm your ranking. A slow website affects visitors to web pages too.

Research done shows that 40-45% of visitors go out of websites if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load and it is also believed that 80% of visitors do not return to that website again. The correctness of your page load time for these reasons is very important.

If you want to test the speed of your website, there are many free online websites available for free like

Use header tags -

Proper headings are another important way to improve the user experience on your website. Headers are necessary because they break content that makes users easy to read or understand. Headers make the website more attractive, which is very beneficial.

Optimize Your Images -

Ensure that the images used on your website are optimized, you can improve your SEO rankings with these images.

To optimize images, resize or resize your images, large images can slow down your page load time, causing damage to your rankings.

Use the Image Alt Tags for ranking and if you want to use the keyword, then doing this will help in your search engine rankings.

Start blogging or content marketing strategy -

Using fresh and relevant content, people can be easily taken to your website and they can also get a reason to stay on your pages for a long time. If you can set up a large group of regular readers from blogging, then you can get lots of traffic on your website on daily basis. Other things like internal-external links, keywords, conversations can also be included in the blogging strategy.

In addition to the above-mentioned optimization methods, there are many ways in which SEO is required such as Meta Content, selecting keywords, appropriate contact information, mobile optimization, social media usage etc.

Your website's ranking is improved by using optimization methods in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is why implementing the right strategies is very important. So if you are a website owner then start with some SEO changes from today, and proceed to get results.
January 26, 2019

Free Google SEO Tools for Website ranking 2019

Free Google SEO Tools to improve your rankings 2019:

Google SEO Guide and free SEO tools: Today we are telling you about some of Google's free SEO tools. If you have a website or blog then you can SEO your website by creating an account on google with the help of these tools. To improve your website's ranking on the tools google search engine being told here, knowing the health of the website can be useful to monitor the performance of your website.

Google Keyword Planner - 

This is Google's very popular SEO tool because, with its help, you can plan a perfect keyword search for your website. With the help of this tool, you can see historical statistics, check the popularity of any keyword, and along with all these, you can do competitive bids and budget plan for Google AdWords campaign.

Google Search Console / Webmaster tool - 

Google Search console was known as Google Webmaster tool before 20 May 2015, but it is known as Google Search console to name change. This tool tells indexing status of any website and optimizes visibility. With the help of this tool, the site can submit/check the sitemap, check the list of internal/external links of the website, check and set the crawl rate, and check Googlebot statistics, along with a lot of SEO related The task can be performed.

Google Analytics - 

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool, with the help of website/blog traffic statistics track, check and monitor. After acquiring Urchin Software Corporation in 2005, Google launched the "Urchin on Demand" product as google analytics.

Google Trends -

If you want to know how people search your brand? When does spike do? What is the status of your competitor's keywords? All these answers can give you google trend because the Google Trends tool tells consumer search behaviors by checking real-time search data. Google trend is a basic service on Google Search, which shows how specific search-term has been searching across all the languages in the entire term.

Google Consumer Surveys - 

Plays a very important role in the growth of a market research business for any business. With this thought, Google designed Google Consumer Surveys, a market research tool that helps you create online surveys. The result of a survey conducted by this market research tool and its help can help you with a business decision. Google's Google Consumer Survey Tool offers a free option for website synthesis. You can create some free default question survey in this tool but you have to pay for a more specific survey.

PageSpeed Insights -

Google once announced in the update of its algorithm that site speed would be an important point of website ranking. Anyway, the speed of any site is an identity of the good website. To test this, Google's PageSpeed Tool gives you more valuable data along with the speed of your website's innovative pages.
January 15, 2019

Google Plus SEO Guide For Bloggers

How do SEO from Google Plus

Google Plus SEO Guide for Bloggers Why is Google Plus necessary for SEO? How do SEO from Google Plus? Google Plus is also a Search Ranking Factor with a Social Media Website. Social Media Score is also checked for Website or Blog SEO. There is no other good platform for branding than social media. We all know that Google Plus is Google's social media service, and we all know that Google's name for social media has once been defective. Even before this, a social media named ORKUT came in the internet world but it stopped by Google.

Google Plus's user interface is not very good. But still, it is important for SEO because of Google's service. More than 70% of the brand is on Google Plus. G + profile is also created when Gmail Id sign is done. But there is no Daily Post here. For this, everyone can have their own reasons. Business Page is used too much because of Google Map. If a business is to be searched in Google Search Engine, whose Website and Map are both, then the map itself appears first. It is clear, google page is important for SEO.

Google Plus SEO Guide

SEO is done in two ways On Page SEO and Off Page SEO On-page SEO, we have to work in Site Code. Such as titles, subtitles, meta tags, meta description, keywords. While Off Page SEO works for Link Buildings. To rank any page, Search Engine checks many Signals called Serch Engine Ranking Factor. There is also a backlink from it. Ranks content quickly and longer than a high-quality backlink. It is of two types. No, Follow and Do Follow only get the No Follow Link from almost all the websites. But here is the Do Follow Link.

Just like the way we should eat, then we can live as soon as the Search Engines have data. When appetite is felt very fast we eat anything we do not have any rule and condition. But when the stomach is full, talk about Taste. The search engine is hungry for content but for content, then hungry for high-quality content. Today Bloggers have become more blog readers than. In this case, the search engine needs content but it has some terms and conditions. Some bloggers wrongly use this appetite, which is Black Hat SEO Practice. It should not be done. This gives profit for some time but there is a loss for a long time. The search engine that the Search Engine talks about to follow is White Hat SEO Practice.

Importance Of SEO

Bloggers, why do blogs? What is his purpose behind this? A few days ago, a post was published, blogging was done, some questions were asked on the public forum before writing this post. The success of what I have learned from this means differentiating between all people. If you want success, what is your definition of success? It has to be written and will have to work for it. Today it seems that bloggers are more than readers (blog readers). In this case, the SEO can rank post in the search engine itself. All the companies are jumping in online business. The search engine is not able to understand which product/data/content/link is best. That's why some rules and conditions have been made.

High-Quality Content should be accompanied by High-Quality Backlink for maximum traffic. When it comes to SEO and Backlink, there are many questions in the minds of the bloggers. What, how, when, where, why If you want more and more Organic Traffic, please use the Google Plus Page.

Google Plus SEO 

Know all bloggers G + is a very powerful Weapon for SEO. But they do not know why this is so important? Google+ Search Engine is very important for Ranking, not because it's Google's product. Its Internal Structure is exactly the same from other Social Media Networks. The Do Follow Backlink is available from here. This helps in improving search engine rankings. What is the reason behind closing Orkut and launching Google Plus?

  1.  It is also a Google ranking factor besides social media.
  2. Google search engine also checks G + data for post rank. The post followed by rank.
  3. Whenever you log in and log on to Google, track the activity of the logged user and see the result. 
  4.  Here is the comment on the post and the option of Hashtag too. Links can also be posted in the comment but comment or publishing the same link several times from the same ID gets spam.
  5. If there is a single link regular post with multiple Ids on Google Plus, then the SEO Score of that link is good.

Google Plus SEO Influence

  1. Google Plus works like an Influencer. Many times you have heard the Social Influencer Word What happens?
  2. Influencer Meaning Effective It can also be called reviewer, there are many people who read reviews before purchasing the product.
  3. I also purchase the product by reading the review. The company gives the reviewer good money for the review.
  4. If you want to earn from the review then you should make a Blog Post rank when searching Product Review.

Some Important Points

  1. Make a Catchy Headline while Post Publishing
  2. Post Publish in Good Format for Eye Catchy. The reader likes to read the paragraph not list.
  3. A post should use Link and Keywords.
  4. Post related images should also upload 1 Image = 1000 words.
  5. Share content with Target User on any Social Media.
  6. Topic Related trending Hashtag should also be used.
  7. A comment must be done for Social Engagement.
Hope you enjoyed this information. Among all the things related to Google Plus, it was told how it is helpful for SEO. If you have any questions or suggestions about this, write in the Comment Box.

    January 14, 2019

    What is SEO? What is ON-PAGE SEO? Traffic enhancement tips

    Best Online SEO Tutorial

    It is possible to find out more about SEO in the Hindi language, which is why search engine optimization has come true. SEO is a search engine optimization that is used by our website to search engine optimization. It is important for SEO users to join the activities that affect your website's Google Web site.

    Why we need SEO - I have a very limited online business experience. Today everything is possible on the internet. If you want to do business online, please visit our website. It does not matter what the website is like when you do not have a web site that does not rank your website, it's not a visitor's website and you do not have any business right. To get your website ranked high on Google, you have to change your SEO status.

    The process of SEO - Basically 2 types of SEO



    In this post we know about ON-PAGE SEO


    ON page is a great topic for me. ON Page means that your website has Google's rules. On Page SEO is the only way to edit your website, which has been used by Google to easily read and use the user's website. Now I explain what we do in this, ON-PAGE SEO.


    1. Website Speed -

    1. If you have a website that is speed 1-5 seconds for the website that is fast.
    2. If you have a website that speed 5-10 seconds you have an average website, you need to improve
    3. If you have a website that speeds 10 or more seconds you have a poor website, you can improve it immediately.

    when the speed is slow-If it is the website that is going to be too heavy, and it has a javascript code that has the ability to slow down the website's speed, then the image has to be slowed and the javascript code is loaded in a few minutes. To do this, please copy the images and use the JavaScript link.

    2. Title Tag-

    To rank any website, the title tag is played important role .your title will be more optimized, the more benefit you get.

    How to make Title tag

    The meta title has no length to include 70 characters. Please enter one of the keywords in the search box. All you have to do is remember that you have to replace the title bar in the same keyword because Google's spam is spam.

    3. Meta Description- Meta descriptions are used to describe Google's website, which subjects of your site.

    How to make the description

    Meta descriptions are limited to 160 characters so that you do not have Google Read Only. Description: You can use the keyword in the description.

    4. Keyword Density- The keyword density is a good factor. The keyword is the thickness of the keyword that is used to describe the keyword bar again. Keyword density only 5% is the only reason why it is harmful to your website.

    5. Hidden Content - Website does not contain any hidden content. You have to hide the content of the page on the web page, but you do not have to use it to hide it, but when it comes to any user site you do not want to hide the content.

    6. Image alt tag- It is not possible to save the image of the Google image or not to read it. The image on Google Images shows you the image of the image. For example, if you are not able to send a picture of Sachin Tendulkar on your website, you will not be able to send an image to Google's Image tag or to tag Alt Tag me, Sachin Tendulkar, who has decided to make a decision on Google's recommendation.

    7. Bold Important Keyword- Make sure you post your keyword post and type in the "Bold" tag. Bold means focus on the keyword, Google understands the focus of the keyword.

    8. Website Structure - Make the website for user-friendly reasons. Bhut sare log has used my web site to use font size. If you want to know more about the smartphone and go to the mobile web site, open the font size at least 15px.

    9. The responsive website-responsive website allows you to have a mobile phone or a desktop that has a high height and width device accordingly. I do not have any comments on my book for mobile readers. website responsive or you do not want to reapply your browser, please try again to see if you have any questions about your website.

    10. Heading Sequence-HTML has some heading tags - H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Using the heading tag in the home, we have used in sequence.

    11. Post Length- If you have any queries, please use the following link. You do not have enough time to update the length of your post.

    12. Sitemap- Sitemap is a type of map that is used to Google, and Google's web site is ready for you. When Google search the website, we will search Google's crawler's Sitemap.xml file as well. If you want to crawler the file crawler, you can easily crawl the website, but the crawler does not want to go through all the pages of your website, because it is a problem that has been your website.