February 14, 2019

How to join Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program

Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program - Bigrock is a very good option so you can increase your online earnings. Along with this, if you want to earn affiliate marketing through Online Earning, then Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program is the Best Option for you because the Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program offers you a very good Commission Offer.

Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program 

Along with this, Bigrock offers different Types of Products which you can easily Promote to your Website and Increase your Online Earning. Within the Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program, you provide Website Builder Tools, Web Hosting, Digital Certificate, Domain, Re-seller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, and Business Email Buy.

The best thing about Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program is that you can share different ads for all these products on your blog and promote them through your blog.

How to Create Account on Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program

To create your account on "Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program", you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 01 - Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program

First, you have to do a search in Google Big-Rock Affiliate Marketing Program and you have different results open in those options, you have to open https://www.bigrock.in/affiliate Link.

Step 02- Sign Up

After the page is open for the Big-Rock Affiliate Marketing Program, you get the option of Sign Up. Because you have to create a new account, so click on the option of "Sign Up".

Step 03- Fill Requirement Information

After clicking on the option of the sign-up, you will have a page open which will contain different parts and in all those parts you are asked for different information that you have to fill. Some of which are as follows-

Personal Information

Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program

01- User Name (Email) - You have to write your Email Address in User Name. Write your Work Email Address in this box as Big-Rock only lets you send your Big-Rock Affiliate Marketing Program Account Password to this email address.

02- First Name- Now you have to enter your first name. For example, if our name is Raj Patel, then we will write a Raj name in this box. Similarly, you will also write the first part of your name in this box.

03- Last Name- In this box, you have to enter your Last Name as if we will write your Last Name Singh in this box. Similarly, you have to write the last name of your name.

Additional Information

Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program

01- Company Name- Here you have to write the name of your company or organization. If you do not have a company then you can also write the name of your website in this box.

02- Address- In this box, you have to write your address. House Number You must definitely write in this box and if your house number is not there, then you can write Village and also the Famous Place near you.

03- City- In this box, you have to enter the name of your city.

04- State- In this box, you have to enter the name of your state. Eg: - Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra etc.

05- Country- In this box, you have to enter the name of your country like India, United State, etc

06- Zip Code- In this box, you have to enter the Pincode of your area. Now if you do not know the Pincode of your area, you can also search in Google and you get Pincode of your area.

07- Phone number- In this box, you have to enter your contact number so you can also enter your mobile number in this box.

08- Fax- You have to enter your Fax Number in this box. If you do not use Fax, you can also leave this box blank.

09- Your Existing Website - In this box, you have to enter the URL of your website. First, open your website and then copy and paste your website URL into this box and enter your complete URL in this box.

10- Profession- You have to write your profession in this box, so if you are a blogger then you can also write Blogger in this box.


After filling all these details, you should read the "Terms & Conditions" provided by the Big-Rock Affiliate Marketing Program properly and then by tick the box on "I Agree to the Terms and Condition". Click on the "Sign Up" button. Now your account is created.

Login to your Bigrock Affiliate Marketing Program Account

Now you have to log in to your Big-Rock Affiliate Marketing Program Account, for which you have to first open your Email Account. Because an email from the Big-Rock Affiliate Marketing Program has come to your email account, which contains your login id and password.

If you do not get a direct email after opening the email, you can check it once in the Spam Folder. Now you can open the Big-Rock Affiliate Marketing Program's Email and login to your Big-Rock Affiliate Marketing Program Account with your Email Id and Password.

In Conclusion

The Big-Rock Affiliate Marketing Program offers very good revenue, as well as Big-Rock, also brings many good plans, due to which people are now buying Domain and Hosting from Big-Rock. So if you join the Big-Rock Affiliate Marketing Program and promote their products on your website or blog, you can also do good earnings.
February 12, 2019

Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress Post or Pages

Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress:-

In today's article, we are going to tell you if you have ever deleted the Visual and Text Editor tab in your WordPress Blog, then how will you fix it so that the options come back to your WordPress Blog again?

Fix Visual and Text Tabs in WordPress

Friends, as you all know, almost all the bloggers today prefer to make their own blog on WordPress. Due to SEO, Design, Facility etc. But if you are a beginner and you have deleted the Visual and Text tab from the posts and pages of your WordPress Blog then it becomes a big problem for you.

Because without Visual Studio and Text Editor, you will not be able to customize your New Posts and Pages, so today we are going to tell you a very easy way in Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress Article, using your WordPress Blog But Visual Editor and Text Editor will be able to bring Tabs back and work easily on your WordPress Blog.

How to Fix Visual and Text Tabs in WordPress

Now let's talk about Fixing Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress, it is very easy to Solve it, you only have to follow Steps from Basic.

Step 01. Login into your WordPress Blog

First, you log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

For which you write your domain in the browser and add a wp-admin word to it so that the WordPress Dashboard will open on your screen such as: -

Suppose we have to log in to our WordPress Dashboard, we will log in to your blog's Dashboard through your Login Id and Password by typing https://www.example.com/wp-admin, likewise, you also login to your WordPress Dashboard. can do.

Step 02. Go to Your Profile Option

After logging in to the WordPress Dashboard you have to go to Your Profile's Options. This option is given to you in the Users section (Left Sidebar). As you can see in the image given above.

Step 03. Un-tick "Disable the visual editor when writing" Option

Now on your screen, a page will open like the above image, at the top of this page you will find written Personal Options which will be found on the right (Disable the visual editor when writing) and a checkbox will be displayed in front of it. Now, if you see it there, you will see it tick now, then un-tick it.

Step 04. Update Profile

After setting this setting, you will have to save the setting, for which you will come to the bottom by scrolling down the page where you will get an option of Update Profile, click on the button of that Update Profile.

By which you will be setting Setting Save and will appear in your Post and Pages, Visual and Text Tab Show.

In Conclusion

In this way, you can Fix Visual and Text Tab Missing in WordPress and you can put Visual and Text Tab on your WordPress Blog. Now if you have any problem in following these steps, then please tell us in the Comment Box so that we can assist you in your better way.
February 11, 2019

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 Review | Pros & Cons

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 review:- 

Hello Friend's In today's article, we will review TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 and tell you about some of Pros & Cons so that you can understand that TechSmith's Camtasia Studio 9 Video Editing Software is for you. How useful is it and whether you should use this software or not.

Friends, today we will review TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 but before that, we tell you that TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 is a Video Editing Software in which Screen Recorder gets Inbuilt so that you can use this software as a Screen Recorder Are.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 gives you all the flexibility to use video, images, audio in your video so that you can make your video a professional video from Normal Video. Let us tell you that TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 is the most used by YouTuber, so if you are a Beginner and want to make a career through YouTube, then you have to give your Video a Professional Look for which TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 is yours Is a very good software for.

Camtasia Studio 9 you get some of these features:-

  • Media
  • Annotations
  • Transactions
  • Behaviors
  • Animations
  • Cursor Effects
  • Voice Narration
  • Audio Effects
  • Visual Effects
  • Interactivity

All of these features are found in Camtasia Studio 9, we give you a little bit of information about what these features are, for full information, we will make TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 Video Editing Tutorial, in which we will be working with Camtasia Studio 9 Complete information will share about how to edit videos 


Media is used to import files into the software, such as Video, Audio, and Image, from which you can bring your files from this computer to your computer or Laptop and use them in your video.


In Annotations, you get the opportunity to do things like Icons, Text, Button, Lines, Symbols, Draw etc. By which you can increase their importance by highlighting things in your video.


As its name suggests, with its help you can apply Transactions to your video, so that you can show specific Parts of your Video differently.


In this option, you have given some Behaviors, which you can use on your Images or Icons, Symbols. This Behavior is used to set Behaviors of your Symbols to see how the Symbol came to your Video and how it went, it gives your Video a Professional Look.


In this option, you have given some Screen Options which you can use to change your Video Behavior.

Cursor Effects

It works on the Options Screen Recorded Video, in which you can decide how to show your Mouse Cursor.

Voice Narration

Through this option, you can make changes to the audio of your video, such as Noise Reduce, Fade In and Fade Out etc.

Audio Effects

In this, you have got some Basic Effects which you can use with your audio such as People Noise, Gun Shot etc.

Visual Effects

In this option, you get Green Screen, Screen Effects etc. which is very less available in Video Editing Software.


Through this option, you can insert links in your video which are clickable.

Pros & Cons of TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9:-

If there are some Pros of any software then there are some cons like-

Pros of TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9

Interface-Camtasia Studio 9's interface is very easy. Which is very much needed for any beginner.

Timeline- You have been given a lot of timelines in this software, in which you can play all the parts of your video on the different timeline, giving you a better space for your video's audio, images, effects and videos, and You can adjust them easily. With this, you also get a symbol of + here, so that you can increase timelines according to your need.

Features- In Camtasia Studio 9, you have been given the features for all things, which you can use in your videos. In which Green Screen is most important because this feature is not usually given in the Video Editing Software.

Audio Adjustment - In this software, you can do much more with your audio, such as Voice Narration, Volume Level, Fade In, and Out, etc., so that you can greatly improve your audio.

Cons of TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9

Paid- Firstly, this software is Paid, so if you want to use this software without any Watermark, you have to purchase it.

Effects - Effects for any video are very important now so that Video can be given a lot of Amazing Looks, but all of the Camtasia Video Editing Versions such as 7, 8 and 9 have absolutely been given Effects from the Basic.

Speaking of Voice - Audio, you get only Basic Effects here, which are mostly not used.

In the case of Transaction - Transactions, Camtasia Studio 9 is nothing special, here too you have been given Basic Transactions.

In Conclusion

After watching all the chops well and using it, we can personally say that TechSmith's Camtasia Studio 9 is a very Amazing Software, which provides all the basic things.  

Also, its interface is so good that any beginner with this software can easily learn Video Editing like Professional in just a few weeks, due to which this software is much better for those who are on YouTube Want to Make Your Career.So you must use this software, and if you want to learn how to do TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9 through Video Editing, then you must subscribe to our Blog because very soon we will offer both Article and Video Tutorial on this topic. Doing so you can easily learn all things.

Now let's justify this review, let us know in the Comment Box, and if your friend wants to be YouTuber, then definitely tell them about Camtasia Studio 9 so that they can improve their videos.
February 10, 2019

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software Review Pros and Cons

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software:

Hello Friend's In this article of today we are going to tell about "Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software", so if you want to take a Video Editing Software for yourself, then this article may be useful to you.

Friends, first of all, let us tell you that Wondershare is a company that has created the Filmora Video Editing Software and this software is the best for all those who want to make their own career on YouTube.The best thing about this software is that in this you get a Screen Recorder, so that you can easily record your Computer or Laptop Screen by recording the tutorials. Now let's talk about why this software is YouTube's best.

We tell you that Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software for YouTube is good for many reasons, first of all it has an interface, which is very simple and secondly, in this software, you get all the things you can do with your video Only by giving professional look can improve.

So let's know about a little bit about Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software, and see how you get features in this software, what you can do with them, and how you can give your video a professional look.

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software Features


In the Filmora Video Editing Software, you have given a different timeline for all your Objects (Video, Images and Audio), so that you can manage all of your objects well so that you can align everything in your video Make a Perfect Looking Video

Preview Screen:-

In Filmora, you get a preview screen in which you can understand the changes that are happening in your video. The best part of this preview screen is that you can also run it in full screen, so that when you feel that your video has been edited, you can watch it first by playing your video in full screen.


Inside the media are all your objects, which you bring inside the software from your computer/laptop. Let's assume that you need many videos to edit a video and you have to import some images so you can import them into the software.


In the Music Option, Filmora provides you with 50 Copyright Free Music, which you can use in your videos.

Text / Credit:-

In this option, you are given different types of text Fonts and styles, which are completely Customizable. Which you can use on Start, Middle, Title, End and Bottom on Video.


Even in Transaction, Filmora gives you lots of variety so you can customize your images and the style of Video. With these transactions, you can show your video differently by putting your video in the beginning and end.


This feature is available only in the big video editing software, but here you also get it in Filmora, the most important thing of this feature is that by using them you can customize the look of your video completely by making it a very professional Can create.


Overlay is used to effect effects in the video, in Filmora, you get many great overlay which you can give to your video a very good look.


In Elements, you get lots of Elements like Text, Symbols, Emoji etc. which you can put on your video, the best part of them is that you can customize it and create your video accordingly.

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software Pros & Cons

Now let's talk about some of the Pros and Cons of Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software, as most of the software has some Pros and there are some cons, we are telling here some points from our experience and if you have any point If so, please share in the Comment Box.

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software Pros

01. Professional:-

The best thing about Filmora is that you can get all the things you need in making this a professional looking video, all you get in this software.

02. Green Screen:-

This feature is available in very little Video Editing Software, which is available in Filmora and by using it you can easily make your video a lot better by changing your video background.

03. Timelines:-

In Filmora, you have given a different timeline for Images, Video, Effects and Audio so that you can understand all the things well and edit them. Along with this, if you want to increase a timeline, you can do it easily.

04. Zoom In and Zoom Out:-

In Zoom In and Out of Zoom Out, if you want, you can bring your video to Zoom Out from Zoom In and if you want, then Zoom Out can take Zoom Inside towards.

05. Extra Features:-

Filmora always launches some new elements, which you can direct download and use in your software. Such as Filers, Overlay and Transaction etc.

Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software Cons

01. Paid Software:-

In Cons, this software is not free, if you want to edit Video without credit, then you have to purchase Filmora Software.

02. Zoom In and Zoom Out:-

We liked Filmora's Zoom In feature a little bit because here if you want to zoom a particular part, then you have to make that Portion different, that is, you have to cut it and only then you can zoom in and zoom out. Due to this, the difference in a video is clearly revealed which we did not like.

03. Audio Editing:-

In Filmora you get lots of audio editing options but in the volume of Audio High or Low, you have so many options that make Confusion, as in Camtasia Studio there is a facility of Volume High or Low, in exactly the same filmora It would have been much better then.

In Conclusion

After using and understanding the Filmora Software, it would not be wrong to say that this software is very good for all those who want to make their own career on YouTube and they do not have Video Editing.

Because in this software you can learn Video Editing very well just by looking at some tutorials.

So if you are a beginner or you want to create a professional video then Filmora Wondershare Video Editing Software is a better option for you and you must use it now. Now if you do not want to edit Video from Filmora and you want to learn, then Techbyrs Website Please subscribe because we will soon bring you Video Completion Package Video Tutorial for you.

If you like this article, then please share it with your friends and if you have any questions, please tell us in the Comment Box Thank you very much.
February 08, 2019

WordPress vs Blogger Which one is Better and Why

WordPress vs. Blogger: Which Is Better & Why?

If you are a New Blogger then you will have the question in your mind about which blogging platform is out of the WordPress vs. Blogger so that you can choose the right Blogging Platform for yourself so today we will give you a WordPress vs Blogger which platform is better.

Generally, we use Blogger.com to blogging in the beginning and it is also right because it is totally free and we do not know much about blogging in the first days and from here we are what blogging and how It is learned about it.

WordPress vs Blogger

Many bloggers started their blogging with the Blogger platform, but after that, they shifted their blog to WordPress because you get lots of convenience on WordPress.

Here, we can tell you that WordPress offers two types of service, one of which is WordPress.com and the other is Paid which is WordPress.org and it is known as WordPress.

However, there are lots of platforms available on the internet for blogging such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium etc. We are going to tell you about WordPress vs Blogger because most of these two platforms are used for blogging.

WordPress vs Blogger which is better

Why Use Blogger:-

Creating a blog on Blogger is as easy as Blog Maintain to do because it is Google's product and is absolutely free for which you do not have to spend any money, so the new Blogger uses it most.

Let us tell you many successful bloggers started their first blog on this, you can easily create and run a blog using your Gmail account without any technical knowledge.

Because it does not require you to buy a Domain Name nor need to buy hosting, both of you get it in free as it is Google's and it is completely secure.

Why Use WordPress:-

WordPress is a great platform for Blogger who wants to do professional blogging and want to make a career in blogging because in it you get thousands of free WordPress plugin and theme, using which you can change the look of your blog with one click. And create a Professional Blog.

So first of all, it is important for you to know what is WordPress? so you can easily understand about it because many people who use Blogger are scared to hear the word of WordPress.

Because for this, you need Domain Name and Hosting, which you have to use to create a WordPress Blog, which is a completely different experience for those who use Blogger and above all you have to spend money for it too.

However, using WordPress is as easy as Blogger, because once you have set up a blog on WordPress, there is no such difference and there is much more convenience than blogger, which you can boost your blogging.

Benefits of using Blogger

  1. It is absolutely free so there is no need to buy Domain and Hosting.
  2. It is very easy to use because its interface is very simple and easy.
  3. Since it is from Google, it is also completely safe.
  4. You can create lots of free blogs on Blogger.

Benefits of using WordPress

  1. It can make you a professional blog and website.
  2. It is also very easy to use.
  3. In it, you get thousands of free themes and plugins.
  4. Wordpress is beyond sight of SEO.

What is the difference between WordPress vs Blogger

  • Blogger is free while blogging has to be spent on blogging.
  • Comparing WordPress to SEO.SEO Optimization is very easy.
  • Blogger By Default provides HTTPS security while you have to set up HTTPS on WordPress.
  • On WordPress, you can change the Blog theme in one click but you can not do this on Blogger.
  • You get thousands of free themes on WordPress but do not get to Blogger.
  • To bring a feature into WordPress, you only need to install a plugin, while on Blogger, you have to coding.
  • You can get fire from your competitor using WordPress while using Blogger.
  • WordPress gives you the opportunity to create a professional blog while only simple design is available on Blogger.
  • WordPress is much faster than Blogger.
  • WordPress updates from time to time and puts new features, whereas nothing like on Blogger.
  • The owner of Blog is completely WordPress, but the Blogger is free, so its owner is Google, if he wants, then he can stop the blogger at any time.
  • WordPress is completely under your control, you can customize it accordingly, while you can make limited changes on Blogger.
  • There is a free Theme and Plugin Store for WordPress, while not available for Blogger.
  • Transferring WordPress to Blogger is much easier than Blogger.
  • WordPress is much more SEO and Mobile Friendly than Blogger.

What are the benefits of WordPress vs. Blogger on top of you and what is the difference between WordPress vs Blogger, this time we have given full information in which you will find the right platform for yourself.

But the question is still what is WordPress vs Blogger which platforms are out there and who we should choose us so that we can become Successful Blogger and make money by creating a blog.

According to us, if there is a new blogger who had already discovered what blogging is and how to make a blog and work on it, then he should use Blogger Platform and firstly learn about blogging. Should increase. Because Blogger is a free platform and you do not have to spend money for it, so first you need to write a blog and write it because many people do not have enough time to blogging and leave it, which is your time and money. Use Blogger as bad.

If you have had a lot of time or knowledge while doing blogging and if you want to continue blogging then you should start thinking about using WordPress today. Because all the bigger bloggers use the same WordPress, that is, today if you want to make a professional blogger today or tomorrow you will only be able to shift your blog to WordPress.

Here, we can tell you that when you shift from Blogger to WordPress, your blog's traffic may be reduced, but if you apply the right way, then it is very good for you.

So friends hope that you have now understood that WordPress vs Blogger which platform is better and which of you will be right in WordPress vs Blogger. If you like our article, then as a Blogger, please share it with Blogger, which is upset about what platform vs WordPress platform is outside and if you have any questions tell us in the comment.
February 06, 2019

How to select best custom Domain for Your Site?

How to select the best custom Domain

Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to talk about how to select the best custom Domain for Your Site or what type of Domain Name Should Buy.

Friends, as you all know, to create a Responsive and Attractive Website, you must first have a Custom Domain, because Ranking on Custom Engine becomes a bit easier and our website is also a Trusted Website It seems.

With the help of people who trust your website and visit your website, along with that taking the Blog custom Domain you can also get other benefits such as - Event Blog, Sponsor, Custom Domain etc.

Therefore, you should definitely take the best custom Domain for Your Site Name, now let's talk about what things you have to pay attention before deciding a Blog name.

10 Tips for Blog Website Name

01 - Small Domain Name

The most typical thing in the Custom Domain is that you can register at least the domain of words. By simply purchasing the domain that represents only your Topic or Company, you can make your Keyword more robust and take advantage of it.

Simultaneously, Small Domain Name also has two benefits-

Easy To Make Permalink: Your Permalink, Your Article (Blog Post) URL can also be shortened due to a small domain name. According to the Search Engine Algorithm, the URL of Blog Post should be small, so if your domain name is small then you can create a small permalink.

Make Sense: All of you will have heard One Word Sentence in which one sentence is created from a word, such words always keep a Sentence inside of itself, which gives a better meaning.

Now the best advantage of such sentence is that they have meaning because of this they quickly become popular and remember-able.

In this way, you can easily make your website popular by purchasing a small domain.

02 - Easy to Remember

While doing Domain Name Purchase, this is considered very few people, but this is very important because if you make a name for your name which is a bit difficult to remember then people will remember your domain. Can not keep it so that they do not even reach your website at the time of need.

03- Domain Name Extension

Now Talk Domain Name Extension Here are two things Matter together. Just like where you want to rank your website and what other types of website you want to create.

For example: If you want to create a blog for Daily Blogging then com or .org are better for you.

Similarly, if you want to rank your blog in any one country, like in India, the .in or .co.in extension can be very good for you.

Now, do you know why most people use the .com extension? Normally people who do not know about things like blogging or earning from the website, always assume that .com are used to open a website on the Internet.

That's why he always uses the website name and .com extension to open it after knowing the name of any website. Because of this, most people like to buy .com extension only.

04- Use Your Targeting Keyword

Using Targeting Keyword has always been beneficial for you because when your main targeting keyword is in your domain, then Search Engine can analyze all your articles in the same keyword though.

For this reason, many times your articles are shown on the First Page in Search Result, which is very much beneficial on your blog.

05- Do not Use Hyphens and Numbers

Using Hyphens and Numbers inside the Domain Name, the biggest drawback is to remember that domain because if you were to Purchase your Domain, you would write a number or Hyphens.

Then most people do not apply to your website when they open, due to which another website opens from that domain. You can also understand this in such a way that you do it by working hard on your website and giving it to another person.

Along with this, Hyphens and Numbers also rank your website in Search Ranking, so use Hyphens and Numbers, do not use your domain at all.

06 - Try to Use Different Words

When you do something different then people quickly notice it and if you do normal work like all people then people do not have any reason why they visit your website.

So if you write different Words in your domain, people make you notice very quickly and always visit your website.

07 - Easy to Speak & Learn

The name of the domain should be such that it is very easy to speak and remember immediately because sometimes you see a name written in your domain which is a bit difficult to talk to, people do not remember it quickly In this way you can not make your website as popular as it is.

If you look at any popular Blogger or YouTuber, their blog or channel name is always so simple that anyone can easily speak to him so that he remembers them immediately.

08- Make Your Domain Name and Website Title

Now, this is the most common thing as you keep the domain always the name of your website, or you have the same name as your website, just like the Domain Name.

Many times the new Blogger makes a mistake that their domain name's address is something and the name of the website is something that, when people visit your website, they often see your logo instead of the domain name, If you have to open your website, then they enter the name as seen in the logo.

So they do not get your website, by doing so you lose Targeted Traffic from your website, so always keep the Domain Name and Website Name Same.

09- Legal Issues

First of all, let us tell you that there is no early legal issues in buying Domain Name, but you should still pay attention to some of the essential things such as Purchase Related Domain Name from a World Celebrity, Company, Brand or any company logo. .

Because they are all legal Ten-dents, they require you to buy that domain when you need it, and you can get good money, but some people do not do it, they make a case against you.

Because you can get into the problem, do not do that, because sometimes people do so to earn more money and in return, they get only Problems.

10- Take Your Time

Purchasing a Domain Name to make it website and then making it popular. All these things take a lot of time, in this case, you should think well before thinking about domain purchasing because it is okay to take a little time but in a hurry. After buying the domain it is absolutely not right.

In Conclusion (Blog Website)

It can help you in purchase best custom Domain for Your Site and you should purchase your Domain Name only after seeing all these things so that you can always earn money from your website.

Now if you have any questions related to this topic then you will definitely tell us in the Comment Box, we will try to reply to you as soon as possible so that you can answer your question so that you can get help.