March 01, 2019

Best 5 ways to make money through pinterest

Hello friends, Today we are going to tell you about What is Pinterest and you will also find out about how to make money from Pinterest. If you want to know about How to create Pinterest account then you are reading the exact post. In this post, we will give you full information about this. We hope that you definitely like our post.

Pinterest is a social networking site used to share photos, videos, and content, but many people do not know how to use it. And how to create an account on it. If you are interested in Art, Craft, Fashion, Design, Food, Interior, etc. then you must create an account on Pinterest because here you will find everything in one place.

So if you also want to know about How to use Pinterest, then for this you will have to read our post about how to make an account on Pinterest from the beginning to the end only then you will know what happens to the Pinterest account. We hope you will find answers to all the questions in this post.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is made up of Pin + Interest, which means you can pin your interest images on this website by making a board. It's like a bookmark where we find everything in one place. If you are looking for an Idea for any furniture on your website, you can add any image of your choice to this website. You can click on it Button and pin it.

You should have seen the photo sticking to Pin on the Information Board at the School and Office, in the same way, you can pin any image of the Internet on Pinterest and also like Like Social Network Site on Like Image, Comment and Repin The reason for this being so popular is that many people have shared their different types of images by creating a Pin Board and these are so good that you will get many ideas here and also on this website. Due to millions of users, you can use Pinterest Use can also be used to increase traffic.

How to make Pinterest Account

If you want to use Pinterest, you will have to create an account on this. You can also log in from Facebook and Gmail, so let us know how to create an account with Email Id on Pinterest.

Step 1: Visit On Website

First, open the Pinterest.Com website in your browser, open the Sign-Up Form and enter your Email Id and Password in it and click Sign Up.

Step 2: Enter Your Name, Age and Gender

Now you will open a page, fill in your name, age and gender and click on Come in.

Step 3: Select Your Interest

Now Pinterest will ask you to select some interest by clicking interest select and clicking on Done.

Step 4: Skip Options

Now you have to give them all the options that will come forward.

Step 5: Confirm Your Email

Now you will receive an email from Pinterest on your email account, open it and click Confirm Your Email. Now your Pinterest account has been created and you can pin your photos on it.

How to use Pinterest

So let's go to Pinterest at the start of the Pinterest Account. Now let us know about Pinterest. Please follow the following steps for this.

To pin anything, first we need to have a pinboard, so let's first create the Pin Board.

Step 1: Open Profile Page

To create a Pin Board, first, open your Profile Page by clicking on your name in the top right side above.

Step 2: Click on Create Board

Tap on the icon of the above (+) inside the profile and click on Create Board.

Step 3: Fill Details

Now you will have a Page Open in which you have to fill your Board details. We are here to make New Delhi board, fill the detail, click on Create Button after one.

Name - Give your location here
Secret - No Select

Step 4: Search Your Pin

Now your board is ready. Now to find some pin of New Delhi in it, search by New Delhi Type in the Search Box above.

Step 5: Save Pin

There will be a lot of images in front of you, click on Save Pin, which will pin you.

Pinterest Photo Gallery

So let us now know how to download photos from Pinterest in the mobile just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login Pinterest Account

First, log in to your Pinterest account and search any image of your choice from the search box above.

Step 2: Long Press On Image

After searching, click on any single image and then press Long on it.

Step 3: Click On More Option

After the Long Press, you will have three option shows in front of them, three of those three options are clicked on Dot (More)

Step 4: Download Image

Now you will have a pop-up show in which you have to click on Simple Download Image

How to make money from Pinterest

You can earn money from Pinterest in many ways, if you want to earn money from Pinterest then let's know about it.

Increase Blog Traffic

If you are a blogger then you can share the photos of your blog on Pinterest as well as add a link to your blog so that whenever a person will see your post, then click on your photo and access it directly from your website. will go


You can also make money on Pinterest through Sponsorship like if a company is new to the market then you contact him and say that you will share his product with your followers so that you can make money from the company.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn money from Pinterest through Affiliate Marketing; Many companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal run their Affiliate Program. You can join their program by going to their website and then whatever Affiliate Product has to sell to you You can share Affiliate Link with that photo so that anyone who buys something by visiting your website, you will also get the benefit of it.

From SEO Use

To make money from Pinterest you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimize) as you can earn money from Pinterest only when your post will reach as many people as possible, for that you should put all the keywords in the Description of the photo, More searches are done and as soon as a user searches something on Pinterest, your post will appear in front of him if you have used Keyword in it because as many people as you like on your post View will likely be your Income

Sell Own Product

If you are a Business Men and Sell Online Product, then you can share your Product link in Pinterest, so whenever someone sees your post, it will click on the photo and come to your website and if he likes your product then buy it Could.


So friends hope you understand this post, if you have any doubt or question in your mind, then you can ask me by a comment and you will reply as soon as possible. Subscribe to our blog to get such good posts as friends so that you get notifications of new posts.

February 28, 2019

How to Save Your Blog from Negative SEO - What is Negative SEO?

How to Avoid Negative SEO - Hello Friends has brought a very important post today and will talk about negative SEO about negative SEO and how to save your blog or website.

Friends are writing in this post because the google ranking of many people starts suddenly down due to which the traffic of their blog is also down. They do not understand why this is happening and they become very upset.

Everyone knows that if we create low quality or spammy backlinks on our blog, then we have negative effects on both our blog and google ranking. But even today many Hindi bloggers do not know anything about negative SEO.

So, for this reason, you are sharing this post with all the people and hope that you will find this post very helpful to all of you. So let's start the Friends post.

Before you can tell me how you can save your blog or website from negative SEO, firstly let me tell you what is the negative SEO.

What is Negative SEO?

When friends create bad or spammy backlinks above our blog or website, due to which our blog or website has a very bad effect on the search engine rankings and traffic, they speak negative SEO.

Many times it happens that many bloggers create backlinks to improve the ranking of their blogs, some have good backlinks but mostly low and spammy backlinks.

If you have created unnatural links for your blog, then you will know the reason behind traffic and ranking down but what if you have never made any backlinks for your blog.

And if there is a decline in both traffic and ranking of the blog, you do not have the idea that why my blog's traffic and Google rankings are decreasing, maybe someone or your competitor on your blog negative SEO.

Friends, today's time everyone has to be successful in their business and in this way your compatriot is negative for your blog, due to which you have a lot of traffic and ranking loss which is very bad for the SEO of your blog is.

How do you know that you are a victim of Negative SEO?

Friends, now you know what negative SEO is. Now let's see how you can find out that your blog or website has become a victim of negative SEO.

Friends, First of all, you can check manual penalties in Google Webmaster Tools, whether you have got a manual penalty or not. Because in cases involving unnatural links in negative SEO, you can get penal notice.

But sometimes it happens that Google does not give you notifications of any manual penalty, but many of your low quality and spammy backlinks on your site due to which the penguin algorithm applies to your blog due to which negative on your blog's SEO Impact falls and your blog's traffic and rankings are greatly reduced.

But if you have not got a manual penalty and even if your blog's traffic and Google rankings are down, then you must check your backlinks and have a lot of chances that your blog has bad effects due to low quality and spammy backlinks. Used to be.

Even if you post a high-quality post after being a victim of negative SEO, your post will not be ranked in the top of the search engine. You will find that my post is of the best quality and it will be ranked comfortably in the top 5 positions.

But when your post is indexed, if your post is ranked on the 7th or 8th page, then it is a clear signal that something is wrong. In such a situation, there may be a manual or algorithmic penalty on your blog.

In the case of a manual penalty, you get notifications in Google Webmaster Tools, but if you do not get any penalty in the algorithmic penalty, you have to find the address of which I have given you the signal.

Now friends have come to know how to know negative SEO, now let's see how we can save our blog or website from negative SEO.

How to Save Your Blog / Website, Negative Seo

Friends, it is very important to save your blog or website from negative SEO because we call it on our blog day by night and due to negative SEO, there is a bad effect on your blog's traffic and Google ranking.

Friends, here we cannot prevent anyone from making bad backlinks on our blog, but we can stop the bad effects from these bad backlinks.

The Google Disavow tool is one of the most powerful tools that Google can save 100% of its blog or website especially with negative SEO or low-quality spammy backlinks.

Google created this tool because of this because many webmasters and bloggers were doing complain that we have not made any bad backlinks for our blog, but our competitor has made much low quality and spammy backlinks and because of this our blog Traffic, SEO, Google rankings are all down.

Guys google disavow tool is a tool that helps you avoid this condition, and after some time your traffic and ranking get better again. You can also use these tips on the time when you first created bad backlinks for your blog or website.

In both of these cases, you will be able to regain the ranking and traffic of your blog using the Google disavow tool.

If you do not know how to use the google disavow tool, for your help, I have written a post in full detail that you can follow to remove bad backlinks.


So friends were saying how to save your blog or website from negative SEO, if you have any dowry or question in your mind, then you can ask me by a comment and you will reply as soon as possible. Subscribe to our blog to get such good posts as friends so that you get notifications of new posts.
February 27, 2019

How to Buying Web Hosting from Bigrock

Bigrock-Web Hosting is a service that provides space for you to store your website's data. Today there are many such websites on the Internet that Web Hosting Provider. After purchasing Web Hosting, you can save the data on your website to Web Hosting, so that millions of users on the internet can open your website and read that data.

All the types of content we upload on our website are saved on our website so that users can read those data so that all the people who are blogging are hosting for their blog or website.

There are lots of websites on the Internet from which you can buy Hosting for your blog or website. In this article, we are telling you about Bigrock Site, because Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator and Bigrock are considered to be the best website to buy Hosting, and most people like to buy Hosting and Domain from these websites.

Before you buy Web Hosting, it is very important to know how many types of Web Hosting are and what hosting is used for that purpose.

There are two types of Bigrock Web Hosting that are used by everybody today-

1- Linux Hosting- Linux Hosting works with PHP and MSQL. On Linux Hosting, you can Create Your Website Through WordPress, Zen Cart & PHP bb. Linux Hosting works very well because all WordPress users buy Linux Hosting only to create their own Blog or Website.

After purchasing Linux Hosting, you get a hosting panel on which you can add your Domain and you can easily create your Website. The best advantage of buying Linux Hosting is that the Load Speed of your Website remains good.

Which lets your website open quickly. Along with that, hosting is available at very low prices from Windows Hosting. So you do not have to pay too much money and you can easily create your website. It is very easy to buy Linux Hosting, you can click on Ad of Bigrock which is given below to you, after that you will be redirected to Bigrock's website. Now on this page, you get different Planes available. You can also select the Plane.

Along with Web Hosting Plane, you know how much you will get that Linux Hosting Per Month. We suggest that when you are buying First Time Web Hosting, you must first buy Web Hosting for 1 year. So when you get a good result, you can also Renew Plane after 1 year and increase the Time Period of Web Hosting.

02- Windows uses- Windows to host Windows Hosting Server. Normally Windows Hosting is a bit expensive (more money) than Linux Hosting. So most people do not like to buy Windows Hosting. Windows Hosting via ASP,. Create NET, Microsoft Access & Microsoft SQL Server, and can host your website.
Windows Hosting is very easy to buy Bigrock Hosting. Click on the Bigrock Windows Hosting Ad below and you will be redirected to the page of Bigrock.

Now you get different Planes for Windows Hosting, where you get the complete information about what you are getting with that web hosting, and you will also know how much you will get in Windows Hosting Per Month.

After this, you can select and buy any Web Hosting Plane accordingly.

We will suggest that you buy Windows Hosting for only 1 year first, so if you think that hosting is good for you and you are getting a good result, then you can renew your Plane by using the Time Period Can also increase.

Why Buy Web Hosting from Bigrock

Bigrock is a very famous company today and Bigrock's service is very good Personally, we had purchased a domain from Bigrock which is doing very well. Because we use Blogger, we do not have to buy hosting because we have not yet purchased the hosting. Therefore, we can not give you much information about hosting.

But if you talk about service then we have used Bigrock and its service is very good and you get customer support too. With Bigrock, you can buy different types of hosting such as:

  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • Linux Reseller Hosting
  • Windows Reseller Hosting
  • CMS Hosting
  • E-commerce Hosting

You can Buy All of these through Bigrock Website.

Quality of Bigrock

You can get 30 Day Money Back Guarantee by buying Birgrock, you can withdraw your money within 30 days. Suppose you bought a Linux hosting from Bigrock and hosted your website. Now you think Bigrock Hosting is not performing well and it is affecting your website or you need technical support and If you are not getting through Bigrock, then you can withdraw your money so that you do not have any damage.

This is a good feature that Bigrock Provides because many times we buy the product and then we feel that we made a mistake and we should not have bought that product, in such a way, we would return the product. Get your money back again

Bigrock Technical Customer Support

Now, when we talk about Technical Support, Bigrock gives you Toll-Free Number Provide so that you can get Technical Support through Coll in Free. Bigrock is the Toll-Free Number (1800 266 7625). Bigrock 99.9% Uptime offers you technical support, that too 24/7 Hours means 24 hours a week, you can always call Customer Support at this Toll-Free Number. We will suggest that you take Bigrock information from your hand and only after talking to your friends or people you trust, you can buy Hosting from Bigrock.

In Conclusion:

If we talk about it, then we have used the product of Bigrock and we have got a good result. That is why we are telling you about this product. So if you want to Create Website then you can try Try Buying Hosting from Bigrock once.
February 25, 2019

Top 10 SEO Ranking Factor 2019 | Improve Blog Ranking 2019

SEO Ranking Factor 2019: Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to talk about SEO Ranking Factor 2019, so you can better understand the SEO of Website / Blog and also Improve Your Website's Ranking in 2019.

SEO Ranking Factor

You should have a good knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank Website / Blog on the Internet and you should also know what has changed in the Recently Search Algorithm. Because of these changes, the Website Search Result is showcased at the top or below.

Now if your website is showing on First Page, you will get good traffic too and you will get more benefits but if your website Search Result is showing below, then you need to work very hard to make Traffic Increase it occurs.

There are a total of 200 + Rules under the SEO Ranking Factor, which you have to pay attention to, but there are some of these rules which are the most common and important.

So if you do not follow these rules, then your website will be ranked down and you will not have any special advantage from your website, so let's talk about 2019 essential SEO Ranking Factor, but with that you On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, you also have complete information that you can read on our website.

10 SEO Ranking Factor

It is important to understand it before SEO because when you understand something well then you can take advantage of it, so let us tell you about some of the 10 SEO Ranking Factors, which are called SEO Ranking Factor It is very important for me.

01-Responsive Design

Blog Ranking is also Depend on its Design as if you upload a very nice template on your website and also customize well, but it is not Template Mobile Friendly or SEO Friendly.

Now because there is no SEO Friendly, she does not provide Search Bots with correct information of your Headings, Subheadings, Images, and Content, so that Bot does not know about your content and that your Blog is on Search Result Do not do it.

Similarly, if your Template is not Mobile Friendly then it does not show properly on Mobile so that Search Bot does not take users to Mobile Search through your keywords or do not show them on your Blog Post Does it.

Because of this, you lose a huge audience, so you should buy Mobile Friendly Template for your website so that you can not have this type of problem with you and you can do great traffic. Which is very much needed for SEO Ranking Factor.

02-Secure Website

In order to understand the difference between the search result or whether the website is safe, if you first search for a topic on Google, you will see that Google is now only showing the websites that are Secure.

Now the question is how to secure the website and why Google is doing this?

How to Secure Website?

To secure the website, you have to install an SSL certificate on your website, now if you are thinking that this is a plugin or a widget then it is not so. You have to purchase SSL Certificate which is very cheap and some Hosting Provider Companies provide this facility to its users in Free, so once you check your Hosting Plane and if the SSL Certificate is not Free then Purchase and Please Install.

By placing the SSL certificate in your domain name, https is replaced as HTTP and instead of I button, Secure is written so that you know that your website has become Secure. To understand clearly, you can see the address of our website.

Why is Google displaying Secure Sites first?

In 2017, Google's policy was that it would take its readers to the website on which the information related to that topic is more accurate, but in 2019 security has also been added to this policy. That's because Google now wants to take care of its readers and wants to take them only on Secure and Safe Sites, so that users do not have any kind of problem.

03- Website Loading Speed

Website Loading Speed Search Ranking was by us because Speed likes everyone and today is the time of 4G where people want to access all things immediately, so Google also wants to send their readers to those websites. Let's take loads of which is OK.

To keep the Loading Speed of the Website, you should do some important things like Focus, Do not use Gif Images, Upload Images of Heavy Size to Your Website, Do not Use Background Images in Template, Slider Available Themes Do not use, do not use more Widgets / Plugins.

04 - SEO Optimized Content

SEO Optimized Content means that you customize the upload to your website in a way that the Search Engine can easily understand your content and show it at the Top on Search Result.

As such, should Article correct Title, Images, Internal Links, Headings & Sub- Headings, Paragraphs, Keyword Placement, etc. are important things to whom you should pay attention to mass in the right amount at the right place to Search Bot understand them. Which is very much needed for SEO Ranking Factor.

05- Keyword Research

Keyword Research to you are much Search What Keyword people in the Present Time is running out and the amount of Competition on the Keyword, because too much writing to Write Article on Competition Keyword you how good Article Why do not you Can not rank it.

Because there are lots of things important to be a Blog Post, if you are a beginner or your blog is not yet 1 year old then you should write an article on Low Competition Keyword so that you can get good traffic.

06-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks mean linking one website to other websites, so that anyone can click on your given URL to your website. Now there are two things-

1. By creating Traffic- Backlinks, people know about your website and can click on Direct that link and come to your website. This leads to a lot of traffic increase on your website.

2. Website Reputation - Website Reputation is important for search engine because when you link to any website, Search Bot is aware of them and that website is referencing your website in a way, so Bot According to the Reputation of your website is more because Popular Website is representing you.

Now a question here also comes about how to create Backlink and what kind of sites should you create backlinks? So how do we create Backlinks, we have already published Article before you can read it and now it is a matter of which types of sites should you create backlinks, then here are two things important.

The first website you are creating Backlink, Alexa Ranking should be better than your Alexa Ranking. The website should not be Adult as well as being Secure and Spam Free. Which is very much needed for SEO Ranking Factor.

07-Image Optimization

Now in Image Optimization, some people have spread the wrong things on the Internet, like Image Optimization means whatever image uploads to your website should be called Alt Tag and this is called Image Optimization.

But in reality there are some things that should be in your image like image size should be reduced, your image should be representing your content, your image should also contain tags, an image should be described and Image must be the owner's name.

From which Search Bot can not only get information about your image but it can recognize your image well and show it on Google Image, so that you can better promote your website.

08- Social Sharing

Social Sharing simply means that you share your articles on social media, so that people can know about your article and visit your blog, but the question is what is the share of social sharing for SEO Importance is.

When you share anything on social media sites, then people are either engaged in action or either Reaction, which shows what people's opinion about that content is and how many people like that content.

Now if you share a Content / Blog Post, but people are not giving any Response to it, which means that your content is not right for people who are not liked and that your Post Search goes down from Result.

That means Social Response also now has a lot of impact in Search Ranking, so you must share your articles on social media sites as well as also the Social Share Buttons on the website so that people can share your article.

09-Short Permalink
Improve Blog Ranking 2019

When you publish an article on your blog / website, that article also becomes a URL, now if that URL is bigger / longer, it will take more time to read, as well as some of your URL in Search Result Part can also be cut.

Since the Word you have written does not show there, now you have to understand simple logic. Search Bot only shows up on those websites that get it fast because they have to give Search Result as quickly as possible.

In such a case, if you have a long URL or cut down, Search Bot will also have time to read it and if there is a problem then it will not be able to find your blog post immediately and will show it below.

Now on the other hand if you just write your Target Keyword in your URL, then it will only read Keyword so that it will instantly find the keyword in all the important places and it will show it at the top.

10-Blog Post

Description means you understand that you have to create a small paragraph for promoting your blog post, which nobody can understand about your content and be eager to read it. Repeat Title only because they think that by doing this, their Keyword will come again and again, which will result in their Ranking Improve.

We tell you two things here that what is the value of description in Actual and it affects the ranking.

1- Place for writing your keywords: a Description is a place where you can write your Keyword and Alternative Keyword, so that Search Bot gets your keyword immediately and it can show your article on the first page. Now there is a condition as well as your keyword should be maximum 3 times, but you have to always try to have your keyword written just twice.

2- Encourage People for Click: Through the description, you can tell people what information is in your blog post and also if you have printed the print show or video in your blog post also You can tell in the description.

Because Screen Shot and Videos help people understand that they can learn all things to do that work easily with that article. Similarly, you can use different things which give people a reason to click on your article so that they click on it.

In Conclusion (SEO Ranking Factor 2019)

If you understand all the above information first and follow them then you can definitely rank your article on the Search Engine. Along with this, if you have any Confusion on this topic or have any questions, then please tell us in the Comment Box Thank you.
February 24, 2019

How to add bank details to a Google Adsense account

How to add bank details to a Google Adsense: Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to tell you how to add your How to set up bank details to a Google Adsense account.

Bank Details in Google Adsense Account

Friends, as you all know, Google Adsense is used today by almost all the Blogger and YouTuber Online to earn money but till then you do not get it, everything is useless. Which is most important for you to add your Bank Details to a Google Adsense Account.

After doing this, when your Google Adsense Account will become $ 100 or more, your payment will be sent to your Bank Account. So if you are earning money by monetizing your blog or YouTube channel through Google Adsense then you should first do your Pin Verification, after which you will be able to add your Google Adsense Account Par Bank Details.

Bank details requirements in Google Adsense Account

Bank Account Number

You must first have a Bank Account Number in which you want to ask for your payment. You can give this Bank Account Number to any Indian Bank like SBI, Union Bank, UCO Bank HDFC etc.


IFSC Code is the code of your bank's branch, which is given on your bank passbook. Now if the IFSC Code has not been given or deleted on your Bank Passbook, then now you can know the bank's IFSC Code in three ways-

01. Contact to your Bank: The first step is to go direct your bank and you can ask them for IFSC Code.

02. Help Line Number: All banks are printed on their Help Line Number Bank Passbook so that you can get help from them through Phone Call, you can also call your Bank Branch by calling IFSC Code on that Help Line Number.

03. Online: You can visit the "" website and select your State, District, Bank and Bank Area. You will get your Bank's IFSC Code.

Swift code

Swift Code is also called BIC Code. It is used for Code International Payment / Money Transfer. Now, this code is not provided on your Bank Passbook, for this, you can ask Swift Code by visiting Customer Care or your Bank Branch.

For which you have to tell them that you have some money that is in $ and you want to apply it to your bank account for which you need Swift Code and will give you a swift code.

But if your Bank Branch does not have Swift Code or you can not get it then you can also use Swift Code of your bank's Main Branch.

To get an online swift code, go to and swift code which is given in the menu bar, click here. First of all, if you want to select your country then India comes to Asia, then you have to choose Asia. And now a new page will open on your screen.

Now in this page, you have to select Related Information from your Banks such as Bank Name (Name of your Bank), State Name (in which State your bank is), City Name (Your Bank is in City) and your Bank and The branches which have been given simultaneously.

Note: If your branch has not given your bank with the name of your bank branch, then you can select the main branch and you will get its swift code. In this way, you can also remove your Bank Swift Code online.

Fill Bank Details in Google Adsense Account

Now we will learn how to fill up the bank details on Google Adsense-

Step 01. Login into Google Adsense Account

First, you go to Google Adsense and make your Adsense Account Login.

Step 02. Payment

Payment Option is given in the sidebar given in the left side of Adsense, along with the option of Settings and clicking on the Payment Option.

Step 03. Choose Payment Method

After clicking on payment option, like on the screen, a page will open like above, in this page you get an option of how you get paid and you get the option of Select Payment Method right below it.

Note: Now Google Adsense transfers money only to the bank account, so you do not need to select Bank Option.

Step 04. Add a Payment Method

Now a new page will open on your screen where you click on the option of Add a Payment Method. From which you can fill your bank details.

Step 05. Fill your Bank Information

Now you have to fill your bank details in the given boxes.

01. Beneficiary Id- In this box, you have to give your ID numbers like Aadhar Number or Pan Card Number, but if this feature is optional, you can leave it blank as well.

02. Name on Bank Account- In this box, you have to enter your name, keep in mind that you spell the name of your name which is written in your Bank Passbook.

03. Bank Name - In this box you have to enter the name of your bank. The bank in which you use your account, which means you have an account in which bank has the name of the bank.

For example: In our Bank Account SBI, we will write State Bank of India only here.

04. IFSC Code - IFSC Code is from your Bank Branch, which shows where your branch is now IFSC Code is given in your Bank Passbook. Enter your Bank's IFSC Code here.

05. Swift Code - Swift Code is essential for International Transaction. We have already talked about how to know, you can enter Swift Code of your Bank Branch or Main Branch here.

06. Account Number- Now you have to write your Bank Account Number in which you have to ask for your money.

07. Re-Type Account Number- In this box again, you have to enter the number of your bank account.

Note: All these things are very important, so before you click on the Save button, you should double-check all the things that no Number or Spelling is incorrect.

Inclusion of How to add bank details to a Google Adsense

In this way, you can easily add your bank details to a Google Adsense account and ask for your money in your bank account. It is expected that after reading this information, you will easily be able to make the right settings of your Adsense payment.

Now if you have any questions related to this topic then you can ask us in the Comment Box.

February 23, 2019

How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications on Blogger Blogs

How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications: Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to tell you How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications on Blogger Blogs, it is absolutely free, so that you can increase Traffic on your website.

How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications on blog

First of all, let us know that Blogger is a service provided by Google so that you can create your blog in Free.

Now let's talk about One Signal Push Notification, so many people ask us whether can I installed One Signal Push Notification in blogger? Because earlier this system could only be installed on WordPress Blog but now you can also apply this service on your Blogger Blog.

Why is One Signal Push Notification?

Those who do not know what is One Signal Push Notification? First, we tell them about One Signal Push Notification, this is a service that does a Notification Show when a visitor visits your website. In which they are asked to allow or disallow your Notifications. By doing this either people allow or disallow your Notification.

Now comes to the question of how Notification, we've to Allow this Plugin / Widget whenever you have to Publish a New Post to Blog then looked at your Notification those to tell you them a Notification Send Their Browser In which your latest post has a little information like the title of your latest post.

Now you've got two advantages of this thing, the first people who get on your Notification has to Allow them Information Direct Their Browser Your Latest Post.

And the second advantage is that they click on that Notification Direct to your website. So you must put One Signal Push Notification on your Blogger Blog.

How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications on Blogger Blogs

To add OneSignal Push Notifications on Blogger Blogs, you have to follow some basic steps like-

Step 01. One signal Push Notification

First, you have to create an account at One Signal Push Notification Website. For which you can visit the One Signal Website and click on the Login button.

Now like the image above, a popup window will open on your screen. In this window, you can click on the Sign-Up button below, if you wish, you can also sign up with your Facebook, Github or Google Account.

Step 02. Add a New App

Now, like on the screen above, on your screen, a page will open, where you get the option of Add a New App. You first click on it.

Step 03. App Name

You will now have a pop-up window open where you have to enter the name of your app. With the name of the app, you are not confused, you can name your website because it's just the name of your One Signal Account. After this, you click on the Create button.

Step 04. Web Push

You will now have a pop-up window open in front of the image above, where you have given some options, you have to click on the option of Web Push only.

Step 05. Configure Web Push

Now there will be a big page open on your screen, in which you have to configure Push Notification. In which you will set up all things for your Blogger Blog one by one:

01. WordPress Plugin or WordPress Builder

At the top you will get three options (Typical Sites, WordPress Plugin or WordPress Builder and Customs Code), you have to select the option of WordPress Plugin or WordPress Builder.

02. Site Setup

In this section, you have to enter the details of your website-

Site Name: In the first box, you have to type the name of your website.

Site Address: In the second box, you have to enter the URL of your website. We will suggest you to first open your website and then copy the entire URL and then paste it here.

03. Default Icon URL

Now if you want to add an icon of your One Signal then you can upload it directly from your computer or leave it blank. You get the default A Bell Icon.


If you have HTTPS installed on your website, then you can turn it on.

Permission Prompt Setup

This section is a bit more important to you because now you have to configure Push Notification, in which place you will have a Push Notification Show, what will be the show, what text will it contain, etc. This section is divided into 3 parts.

01. Subscription Bell

This Subscribe Bellis shown on your website/blog like a small icon, it is important for you to create it in the beginning.

Step 01. Add a Prompt

First, click on the Add a Prompt icon in the Permission Prompt Setup, which opens up a Pop-Up Page Open as shown above.

Step 02. Important Configuration

Size: First you have to set the size of your Bell Icon for which you have three options (Large, Medium, Small) You can select any of these options.

Location: Now you have to set a location for your Bell icon in which you get two options (Left, Right) You can select any of the two options according to your IQ.

Color: Now in Color, you have Main and Accent two options in which Main option lets you change the color of your Bell Icon and change the color inside the Icon from the Accent option.

Visibility: By opting this option, those people who do not have your Notification turned on again will not see your Subscribe Bell.

Step 03. Other Changes

There are some settings after these settings but they are not very important for you, so keep them the same and click Save Button.

02. Slide Prompt

First, click on the add a prompt button again and you open a popup of the Slide Prompt in front of you.

This Push Notification shows on your website when any visitor visits your website. Most people do this through Popup Notification via your Notification so you can customize this box according to your website as-

Slide down Prompt

First of all, you can do this on the checkbox given in front of this box, so that you can edit the text of this pop up too.

Action Message: In this box, you can write a small message for your readers so that they subscribe as soon as they read it.

Like: If you have a news website then you can write "Do you want to read Daily Latest News in free" or something like this that people will attract that they click on the Notification's Yes button only.

Button: Button you can also write in Hindi, English or Hinglish language as Yes - No, Yes - No, Ha - Nhi etc.

After this, you click on the Save button.

04. Welcome Notification

In this section, you have to write a Welcome Message, when your Reader will subscribe to your website, then it will be sent to you. You can also enter the URL of any page of your websites such as About Us or a Page of Thanks Page If you have made it, you can put it too.

Advanced Section

You do not have to make any changes on this section, you just click on the Save button given below.

Add Code to Site

After clicking on Save Button, now on your screen, a page will open like the image shown above, where you have been given a Code Combination, as well as a Button of Copy Code. You click on the Copy Code button so that it gets Copy Code.

So far you have configured One Signal Push Notification System, now you need to add it to your Blogger Blog for which we tell you further.

One Signal Push Notification in blogger

Now you have your One Signal Code that you want to add to your Blogger Blog for which you follow the steps given below-

Step 01. Login into your Blogger Dashboard

First, you log in to your Blogger Dashboard.

Step 02. Go to Themes Options

Go to Themes Options. Now you can click on Themes option in the left sidebar on the Blogger's Dashboard and in front of you will open a page like an image. In this page, you will find two options of Customize and Edit HTML just below the preview of your theme.

You can click on the option of Edit HTML, which makes your Theme's Coding Open.

Step 03. Paste your Copied Code

Now click anywhere on the given page with the mouse and press the Ctrl + F Button from Keyword, which will take a Search Box Show on your screen. I,n the Search Box you have to type <head> and press Enter. is.

By which you will find Coding of Head section of your Theme and you first create space by pressing Enter <head> below the code and paste it that you copied from Code One Signal Page.

Now your One Signal Push Notification code has been added to your theme, which is to save you by clicking on Save Template's Button and your One Signal Notification will be active on your Blogger Blog.

You open your blog in New Tab and check it out. Now your Blog Readers will be able to activate the Notification of your Blogger Blog and you will be able to easily increase Traffic on your blog.

In Conclusion (How to Add OneSignal Push Notifications Blogger)

Hopefully you can add your Blogger Blog Par One Signal Push Notification easily with the above information. Now, if you have any questions related to this topic then you can ask us in the Comment Box and you can use the Bell Icon or Email Subscription Service to get the latest notification of our latest post.